Region: Canada

UK businesses file more abroad, as others in the region cut back

UK applicants filed 10% more trademark applications abroad in the first four months of 2023 than they did at the end of last year, Fovea IP data shows.

08 June 2023

CIPO operations set to resume; Muzz loses dating app appeal; rise of the brand deinfluencers – news digest

In our latest round-up, we look at the USPTO expanding on its Green Energy Innovation Expo plans, the Japan Patent Office launching a YouTube Shorts series, and much more.

02 May 2023

Massive federal workers’ strike threatens further delays at Canada IP office

Trademark applicants in Canada may have to wait even longer for their applications to be examined after strike action impacts trademark operations at the IP office.

24 April 2023

CIPO aims to issue first office actions in less than a year under new strategy

The Canadian Intellectual Property Office’s five-year plan aims to improve examination efficiency and capacity and restore turnaround times to “internationally comparable standards”.

27 March 2023

Crocs’ design takes a bite out of the competition

This decision of the Federal Court provides much-needed guidance on several aspects of industrial design law in Canada.

01 February 2023

Counterfeit hotspots that you must be aware of in Canada

Featured in Physical marketplace counterfeit hotspots

A local IP expert updates us on the locations in the Great White North that rights holders should have on their enforcement radar.

04 January 2023

Canada: trademark litigation

Featured in Trademark Litigation: A Global Guide 2023

Canada has a robust system of trademark enforcement with several available causes of action for an aggrieved owner.

30 November 2022

Injunction overturned: no goodwill without use or registration

The decision restores an established principle of trademark law that goodwill cannot exist absent use or registration.

24 November 2022

Innovation at the Canadian IP Office: spotlight on cutting-edge tools and services

Featured in IP office tools and services

Representatives from the Canadian Intellectual Property Office exclusively reveal the agency’s innovative non-core tools and services for trademark users – and those planned for the future.

23 November 2022

Bill 96 and its impact on the French-language requirements in Québec

This update focuses on the impact of Bill 96 on the changes affecting the language of commerce and business and, more specifically, on the “recognised trademark” exception.

21 October 2022

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