Region: Cambodia

Brand protection at the Cambodian border: insights and strategies from the front line

In the second instalment of an exclusive WTR series, we learn how Cambodian Customs aids brand protection efforts at the country's ports of entry.

19 October 2023

10 years of filing activity in ASEAN

We delve into filing data over the past decade to reveal trademark filing trends across the 10 countries.

19 October 2023

Top trademark filers across ASEAN unveiled

Data analysis reveals the companies with the largest trademark portfolios in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations – and evolving trends among the most active filers.

16 October 2023

Recent announcements by Cambodia’s trademark office: what you need to know

Two recent announcements by the Department of Intellectual Property Rights will have implications for brand owners.

13 September 2023

Regional associations combating counterfeits in the Asia-Pacific

Featured in WTR Special Report Q2 2023: Spotlight on Asia-Pacific: A guide to strategically navigating the evolving landscape

04 July 2023

Hong Kong and Cambodia sign MoU; USPTO director to co-chair NACIE; WIPO plans UDRP workshop – news digest

In our latest round-up, we look at Maradona Global Limited revealing brand plans, the Brazil and German IPOs warning of fraud, and much more.

20 September 2022

Online marketplaces in Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar that should be on counterfeit enforcement radars

Featured in Online marketplace counterfeit hotspots

In the latest instalment in our regular series identifying digital marketplaces that brand owners should monitor as part of global anti-counterfeiting efforts, we head to three nations in Southeast Asia.

04 October 2021

From IP beneficiary to trendsetter: Cambodia records first GI through WIPO Geneva Act

Kampot Pepper is the first geographical indication to be recorded through the Geneva Act of WIPO’s Lisbon System. Experts argue that the move marks Cambodia’s transition to IP innovator.

28 January 2021

Cost versus quality – how to pick a local partner for trademark work in Cambodia

Cambodia is fast becoming an important market. Speaking with local practitioners, WTR highlights the factors to consider before engaging a Cambodian firm, either directly or to conduct work on behalf of clients.

01 July 2020

Changes to the requirements for filing affidavits of use/non-use

Commencing from May 2020, Cambodia’s Department of Intellectual Property Rights has implemented new requirements for filing an affidavit of use/non-use. This update outlines what trademark owners should know when filing such affidavits.

11 June 2020

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