Region: Burundi

Trademark licensing in Africa: an A-Z whistle-stop tour

With Africa proving to be a particularly lucrative region for brands seeking licensing opportunities, we examine what rights holders need to know about trademark licences from a swathe of nations across the continent.

01 October 2019

Trademark owners take note: marks registered under old IP law must be renewed before 28 July 2019

Trademark owners with registrations in Burundi which were filed before the new IP Law came into force are advised to apply for the renewal of their trademarks before the deadline of 28 July 2019.

18 March 2019

Trademark renewal notice

Trademark owners with registrations in Burundi should be aware that trademarks registered before 2009 must be renewed before 2019 in order to remain valid, despite initially being registered for an indefinite term.

26 April 2017

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