Region: Bahrain

Manchester United targets Football Manager; Alibaba cooperation call; new gTLD use rising – news digest

In our latest edition, we look at China hitting back at covid-19 infringers, Off-White continuing to seek a red zip-tie trademark, IP complaints going digital in Bahrain, and much more.

26 May 2020

Despite the potential of the Middle East, excessive fees are leading to a shrinking trademark market: exclusive data analysis

In this week’s data report, we examine the state of the trademark market in the Middle East, taking an in-depth look at filing trends in Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the UAE in particular.

15 June 2018

Middle East fee rise trend continues: trademark fees "skyrocket" upwards of 3000% in Bahrain and Syria

In another shock for the IP community in the Middle East, two more countries have announced significant trademark fee increases that will have brand owners re-evaluating their registration strategies in the region. One expert tells us that, while the fee rises are considerable, there are more affordable avenues of protection that can be considered.

06 June 2016

Bahrain joins WIPO treaties

Bahrain has acceded to several international agreements, including the Madrid Protocol and the Nice Agreement. Although a number of implementing laws have yet to come into force, the move underlines Bahrain's continuing commitment to protecting IP rights.

03 March 2006

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