Region: Australia

Federal Court determines long-running KATIE PERRY v KATY PERRY dispute

An Australian fashion designer who owns a registration for KATIE PERRY has been partially successful in her claims of trademark infringement against an entity related to US singer Katy Perry.

17 May 2023

Asia filing activity at a glance: 2022 data reveals dramatic change

WTR delves into filing activity in Asia to discuss application trends and the top foreign filers of 2022.

10 May 2023

Full Federal Court issues latest decision in MOTHER dispute

The decision serves as a reminder that not every use of a mark in branding will be considered use “as a trademark”.

27 April 2023

Meta takes different approach to Twitter on blue checkmarks: what brands need to know

While Twitter’s chaotic blue checkmark rollout comes under scrutiny, Meta has launched a verification programme that takes a different approach.

03 April 2023

No rights or legitimate interests - but also no bad faith

More often than not, if a respondent has no rights or legitimate interests, a finding of bad faith will follow - but not in this decision under the ‘.au’ DRP.

29 March 2023

BOTOX v PROTOX: Australia’s highest court issues its decision

The decision will likely increase the difficulties faced by trademark owners wishing to deter other traders from referencing their trademarks.

21 March 2023

Pokémon granted injunctive relief by Federal Court

The evidence strongly suggested that the conduct of the respondents was designed to mislead consumers into believing that they were licensed or otherwise authorised by Pokémon to develop games.

21 February 2023

Fewer filings, NFTs, alliances and bad-faith marks: APAC year in review

WTR looks back at major trends in the Asia-Pacific region from the past 12 months.

11 January 2023

Legislation and IP policy watch: the current state of play (January 2023)

WTR’s monthly column tracking trademark and related policy developments, including the progress of major bills, from around the world.

05 January 2023

Asia-Pacific IP offices: a year in review and what to expect in 2023

WTR presents insights from representatives at major IP offices across the Asia-Pacific region to share their highlights from 2022 and what trademark practitioners should look out for in the coming months.

08 December 2022

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