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Preliminary injunction issued in trademark dispute involving names of Qing Dynasty emperors

This is a rare example of a successful application for a preliminary injunction in an IP case.

14 August 2023

Uzbekistan amends competition law, but excludes IP-related provisions

The amendments are seemingly not in line with the Paris Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property, to which Uzbekistan is party.

14 August 2023

Will South Korea succeed in increasing platform liability for counterfeit goods? Don’t hold your breath

This week’s Saturday opinion considers bills being proposed in South Korea to increase the responsibility and liability of e-commerce platforms in combatting counterfeiting.

12 August 2023

Master of your domain: websites, social media and trademark infringement

Businesses may be found liable for trademark infringement if they adopt the wrong email address, website URL, Facebook name or Instagram handle.

11 August 2023

Critical GI lessons from influential K-Swiss dispute as Trademark Act demands increasingly careful consideration from applicants

The effects of the K-Swiss dispute before the Trademark Office are still being felt across India today, as absolute grounds of refusal under the Trademark Act are being more seriously deliberated. The office’s decision sheds light on the nuances of proving whether a trademark constitutes a geographical indication.

10 August 2023

NFTs and IP: tracking the latest global case law

Meera Chature Sankhari and Sheetal Sharma at Jupiter Law Partners examine landmark judgments from around the world to reveal the precedents shaping the legal framework surrounding NFTs and intellectual property.

10 August 2023

IPO amends official fees – what you need to know

The fee for filing a trademark application has increased by 45%, while the fees for conducting all types of trademark search have increased by up to 40%.

10 August 2023

Milking Mengniu’s IP portfolio for value

Chinese dairy company Mengniu weighs up the ingredients for an award-winning Asia-Pacific team.

09 August 2023

Volvo fails to prevent registration of VOLVOX

A key finding was that the opposed mark and the earlier mark VOLVO were dissimilar conceptually, as the opposed mark gave rise to the meaning of “freshwater green algae of the genus Volvox”.

09 August 2023

Maintaining a healthy IP portfolio at the world’s biggest Ayurvedic company

The Dabur India IP team reveals how it has overcome challenges in the Ayurvedic healthcare space to be crowned the 2023 WTR Household and Consumer Goods Team of the Year.

08 August 2023

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