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Recovering a trademark after a bad-faith registration: recent decision offers hope to legitimate brand owners

A major problem with first-to-file systems is that bad-faith applicants may be able to obtain a trademark registration before the legitimate brand owner. However, a recent decision by a Thai court shows that there is a solution to this issue.

14 October 2021

Brand enforcement takeaways from Brand Strategy Southeast Asia

This week, IPBC Southeast Asia, hosted by IAM, and WTR’s Brand Strategy Southeast Asia, were hosted simultaneously.

13 October 2021

Madras High Court: WOODS for incense sticks is suggestive

The manufacturer of the Woods incense sticks has failed in its attempt to prevent a competitor from using the mark HEAVEN WOOD.

13 October 2021

Alibaba helps SMEs fight counterfeiters; EA considers FIFA rebrand; secrets of corporate logos – news digest

In our latest round-up, we look at Geek Bar launching anti-counterfeiting measures, Walmart and Netflix creating an exclusive retail hub, and much more.

12 October 2021

Xerox: the company you thought you knew

We go behind the scenes at a transformed Xerox to learn how the company’s trademark strategy is helping it to branch into new markets.

11 October 2021

Online marketplaces in India that should be on counterfeit enforcement radars – part two

Continuing our focus on online marketplaces in India that brand owners should monitor, local experts also reveal common enforcement mistakes and how they can be overcome.

07 October 2021

Yet another case emphasises the importance of lodging admissible evidence

Many New Zealand trademark actions are lost due to poor or inadmissible evidence, as demonstrated again in these recent invalidity proceedings.

07 October 2021

Online marketplaces in India that should be on counterfeit enforcement radars – part one

In the latest instalment identifying the digital marketplaces that brand owners should monitor as part of their global anti-counterfeiting efforts, we head to India.

06 October 2021

INTA highlights Asia counterfeit developments; UKIPO appoints new chair; WIPO calls for covid-19 action – news digest

In our latest round-up, we look at the EUIPO reaching 1.5 million design applications, H&M capitalising on branded merchandise, and much more.

05 October 2021

Two crocodiles before the Supreme People’s Court

The Supreme People's Court has made a full review of some of the main aspects of this long-running dispute between Lacoste and Cartelo, shedding light on key issues related to the assessment of similarity.

05 October 2021

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