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27 July 2022

Old tricks, new approaches and more: five Asia-Pacific Legal Updates you may have missed

Each quarter we are running a series of pieces presenting recent Legal Updates that you may have missed. For this instalment we turn our attention to the Asia-Pacific region.

27 July 2022

“Draft Provisions on Prohibiting the Abuse of IP Rights to Exclude and Restrict Competition” released for public consultation

The draft provisions provide guidance to business operators concerning the boundaries on the exercise of their IP rights under the latest anti-monopoly regime.

27 July 2022

Apex court rules that import and distribution of products meant for foreign jurisdiction constitute infringement and passing off

The key takeaway from this decision is that trademark owners ought to consider indicating on their packaging that the sale of their products is restricted to a particular region or country.

26 July 2022

Valuation of intangible assets will be a focus in Asia, says CEO of the International Valuation Standards Council

In an interview with WTR, the CEO of the International Valuation Standards Council expands on plans to include local leaders in the global mission to develop valuation standards, and appeals to the IP community to participate.

25 July 2022

CNIPA releases draft measures on collective and certification marks for public comment

The draft measures seem to impose heavy requirements on registrants, collective members and users of collective and certification trademarks.

25 July 2022

Supreme People’s Court releases new rules on jurisdiction over first-instance IP cases

Understanding the changes brought about by the Supreme People’s Court’s new judicial interpretation will be crucial for every rights owner and counsel wishing to litigate IP disputes in China.

21 July 2022

Hashtags using trademarks deemed to be promotion, not infringement

The IPC Court has ruled that the use of another group’s registered trademarks as a hashtag on social media constitutes promotion and does not suggest sponsorship or endorsement, therefore is not likely to create confusion.

21 July 2022

Courts examine keyword advertising as trademark infringement

Indian courts are deciding whether using a registered trademark as a keyword on the Google Ads service amounts to use of a mark, and, if so, whether this provides an unfair advantage by misleading consumers.

21 July 2022

Industry leaders divided on ability of current laws to protect brands in metaverse

Exclusive data finds trademark experts are split down the middle on whether the existing IP system is positioned to protect IP rights in the metaverse.

20 July 2022

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