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Enforcement tips from Starbucks; Mastercard recognised for bettering society; judges look to the future – INTA 2021 report

WTR offers more highlights, learnings and observations from the midway point of INTA's 2021 Annual Meeting.

18 November 2021

Highest-ever amount of damages awarded to New Balance in trademark infringement action

New Balance has been awarded Rmb18 million in damages in a trademark infringement action brought against a Chinese shoemaker - which is significantly higher than the maximum amount of statutory damages established by law.

18 November 2021

First to file and first to use – navigating Russia’s blended system

While Russia takes a first-to-file approach to trademark registration, certain elements of how this is applied and enforced have more in common with a first-to-use approach. A nuanced understanding of Russia’s system is crucial if trademark owners are to make best use of their rights.

18 November 2021

Supreme Court rules on judges’ discretion to decrease amount of compensation for trademark infringement

Trademark owners may claim compensation for infringement under Article 1515 of the Russian Civil Code by choosing one of three methods of calculation. Although the outcome of claims based on option 1 is the least predictable, two recent rulings have shed some light of this issue.

17 November 2021

From Singapore to Washington DC: INTA announces 2022 Annual Meeting plans

INTA has announced that its 2022 Annual Meeting will be held in Washington DC as a physical event with virtual components.

15 November 2021

Patent Court holds that ASICS' use of Novak name is not trademark use

This is the first time that a Korean court has considered whether the use of a famous person's name as part of a collaboration contract amounts to trademark use.

15 November 2021

New IP office standards body set to launch in effort to combat stark digital disparities

The International Intellectual Property Standards Group will launch in the coming months with the aim of advocating for improved standardisation at IP offices, WTR can reveal.

12 November 2021

Squatting evolution in China: why your mid-sized brand could be at risk

A curious case involving US lifestyle range the Pioneer Woman and a lone individual in China serves as a warning that alleged trademark squatters are switching tactics in their attempts to target mid-sized brands.

11 November 2021

“Enormous momentum” – global spread of plain packaging revealed in new report

A new report delves into health warnings and plain packaging on tobacco products, revealing a significant uptick in brand restrictions over the past couple of years.

10 November 2021

Uzbekistan amends trademark and copyright laws - what you need to know

The amendments have brought about some significant changes, including the introduction of the expedited examination of trademark applications.

10 November 2021

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