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JEEP owner unsuccessful in opposition against JEIP321 in Class 12

The JPO concluded that, even though JEEP was famous in relation to four-wheel-drive vehicles, the relevant consumers would not associate goods bearing the mark JEIP321 with Fiat Chrysler Automobiles.

24 October 2023

Mankind not so kind to Novakind

A key finding was that the word ‘kind’ is not commonly used in the pharmaceutical industry and is not descriptive of pharmaceutical products.

24 October 2023

Myanmar IP law update; ‘.ai’ domain fraud rise; QR code cybersecurity warning – news digest

In our latest round-up, we look at a US court deeming expert testimony on similarity of colours helpful to juries, and much more.

20 October 2023

Brand protection at the Cambodian border: insights and strategies from the front line

In the second instalment of an exclusive WTR series, we learn how Cambodian Customs aids brand protection efforts at the country's ports of entry.

19 October 2023

Supreme People’s Court awards unprecedented Rmb100 million in damages

The case serves as valuable guidance for IP rights owners facing malicious infringement.

19 October 2023

10 years of filing activity in ASEAN

We delve into filing data over the past decade to reveal trademark filing trends across the 10 countries.

19 October 2023

India announces major IP shake-up; USPTO verification update; JPO pledges Saudi cooperation – IP office updates

In this latest update, we look at an injunction being granted against Indian companies copying the logo of the Japan Patent Office, the New Zealand IPO's updated guidelines, and much more.

18 October 2023

PETRONAS named most valuable ASEAN brand, but banking industry steals the show

Brand Finance’s first ASEAN rankings reveal the most valuable brands in the region.

18 October 2023

JPO cancels BORDEAUX WAVE for cosmetics

The JPO notably found that consumers would be likely to connect the mark with Bordeaux wines or the Bordeaux region of France, even when used on cosmetics.

18 October 2023

Delhi High Court refuses to restrain use of PolicyBazaar’s trademarks on Google Ads program

Use of a registered trademark as a keyword through the Google Ads program is not infringing in the absence of confusion, unfair advantage or dilution of the trademark.

17 October 2023

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