Region: Asia-Pacific

Beijing High Court grants well-known trademark status to Unilever’s OMO mark

Such recognition will be conducive to future trademark enforcement actions by Unilever in China.

09 December 2021

How the Constitutional Court has tried to shine light on parallel imports and exhaustion

Resolution 8-P tackles the thorny issue of parallel imports and attempts to provide guidance on why they should not be treated in the same way as counterfeit products.

09 December 2021

Purpose-driven brands, communicating the IP message and 360-degree marketing: takeaways from IPBC Australasia

IPBC Australasia, hosted by IAM and WTR, took place last week, with brand leaders discussing protection and enforcement strategies.

08 December 2021

The fight against bad-faith trademark applications: establishment of an IP Credit Management System

Recently published draft regulations provide, for the first time, specific details on how dishonest actions taken by applicants or IP service providers can lead to them being designated as ‘dishonest entities’ by the CNIPA.

07 December 2021

Heytea serves up invalidation against Heetea in Singapore

This dispute between a tea shop chain and an operator of kiosks selling tea-based beverages highlights that enforcement can be taken in Singapore based on both registered and unregistered rights.

07 December 2021

“Far from a victimless crime” – scathing report reveals abuse and slavery alongside counterfeit production

A groundbreaking report from the Transnational Alliance to Combat Illicit Trade has shone a light on the behind-the-scenes production of counterfeit goods.

06 December 2021

USPTO enlists McGruff the Crime Dog; Lululemon fires back at Peloton; TMview reaches 100 million trademarks – news digest

In our latest round-up, we look at the Japan Patent Office holding an ‘AI x Trademarks’ competition, Zoom versus Zoom in Japan, and much more.

03 December 2021

Tommy Hilfiger overcomes CNIPA’s refusal of stripe mark by showing that it had obtained foreign government’s consent

When Tommy Hilfiger attempted to register a stripe trademark in Class 25, the CNIPA rejected the application on the ground that it was similar to Yemen’s national flag. To overcome the refusal, Tommy Hilfiger applied for the same mark for the same goods in Yemen.

02 December 2021

How Russian courts handle trademark exhaustion

The exhaustion of trademark rights is a murky area. While courts have issued diverse rulings on this subject based on nuances in particular cases, a closer examination of some of these does provide some guidance.

02 December 2021

How pandemic driven non-use could affect trademark cancellations

Covid-19 lockdowns have forced some businesses to stop using their trademarks. While there is no word from Taiwan’s government on how this may affect non-use cancellations, owners can take pre-emptive steps to keep their marks valid.

02 December 2021

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