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JPO and ASEAN IP offices collaboration plan; USPTO cloud-based search system; WIPO EU fee changes – IP office updates

In this latest update, the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office collaborates on a new designs report, the Georgian IP office plans to launch a GI social media campaign, and more.

20 September 2023

Louis Vuitton unsuccessful in RUI VUIT dispute

The French fashion house failed in its attempt to prevent the registration of RUI VUIT for clothing and sports shoes, with the JPO Opposition Board finding that it was not similar to the mark LOUIS VUITTON.

20 September 2023

Scotch Whisky gains certification mark in Hong Kong

This is good news for whisky brand owners, as the certification will enable easier enforcement.

19 September 2023

Industry groups back IPEC nominee; DMA gatekeepers revealed; Vietnam decree on IP Law amendments – legislation and policy watch (September 2023)

WTR’s monthly column tracks trademark and related policy developments, including the progress of major bills, from around the world.

18 September 2023

How the Seiko Epson IP division directly supports commercial growth

A 200-strong IP division supports innovation and business growth at one of the world’s biggest printer technology companies.

14 September 2023

Lamborghini and Novartis prove effectiveness of invalidation and opposition proceedings to combat trademark squatting

In its attempts to crack down on malicious trademark registration, the CNIPA is applying Article 44(1) of the Trademark Law. In many cases, however, it is difficult to prove confusion among the relevant public.

14 September 2023

District court rules in favour of Tesla against second-hand car dealer

The court paid particular attention to the circumstances indicating the defendant’s bad faith.

13 September 2023

Recent announcements by Cambodia’s trademark office: what you need to know

Two recent announcements by the Department of Intellectual Property Rights will have implications for brand owners.

13 September 2023

IP High Court rejects position mark for Dr Martens yellow welt stitching

A key factor in this case was that the application was not limited to a particular colour of shoes.

12 September 2023

Singapore launches world’s first intangibles disclosure framework

The first-of-its-kind framework enables businesses to disclose their intangible assets systematically and comprehensively, but will require a “collective effort from private-public partnerships”.

11 September 2023

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