Region: Asia-Pacific

Trademark applications to be published directly after being received by IP Vietnam

The move is good news for trademark owners and practitioners, who will have access to more up-to-date information.

08 November 2023

Friends, diversity and intimate discussions: four days with the APAA

Key takeaways and highlights from APAA’s 2023 annual meeting in Singapore, which saw nearly 1,400 attendees from 65 jurisdictions.

08 November 2023

Apostille procedure marks new era for foreign companies litigating in China

China’s new apostille procedure should streamline the formality requirements for foreign rights holders commencing litigation in the country.

07 November 2023

Brand protection at the Indonesian border: insights and strategies from the front line

Featured in Border and customs protection around the world

In the next instalment from our new series on brand protection at national borders and ports of entry, we head to Indonesia.

06 November 2023

WTR and QBPC sign MoU; Dunkin’ settles vape dispute; Bored Ape NFT damages update – news digest

In our latest round-up, we look at Gap terminating two of its ‘.brand’ gTLDs, INTA filing an amicus brief in a design patents case, and much more.

03 November 2023

IP High Court: ATHLETE CHIFFON is descriptive in relation to hotel and restaurant services

The relevant consumers would perceive the mark as referring to a restaurant providing chiffon cakes for athletes when used in relation to Class 43 services.

03 November 2023

Online brand protection in 2023: why trademark professionals should participate in our short survey

WTR has launched the 2023 edition of our groundbreaking survey aimed at shedding light on the current state of online IP protection.

03 November 2023

A deep dive into the distinction between defensive applications and cybersquatting

Recent enforcement against malicious trademark registrations in China has provided further clarity on precisely where the boundary between lawful defensive trademarks and illegal cybersquatting lies.

02 November 2023

Michelin's well-known trademarks protected against use for pet food and pet hospital

Two recent judgments constitute new milestones in the protection record of Michelin's well-known trademarks.

01 November 2023

THE DROP v DROP: JPO rules in favour of Danish furniture design company

The JPO partially cancelled the mark DROP for “retail or wholesale services for furniture” based on Danish company Fritz Hansen’s earlier mark THE DROP for furniture.

30 October 2023

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