US and China driving international trademark applications, but question mark looms over the pandemic impact

This week’s data analysis tells you everything you need to know about international registrations trends over the years, and gives a first look at the 2020 state of play

US and China driving international trademark applications, but question mark looms over the pandemic impact
As the USPTO expects downturn in trademark revenues, Chinese applicants are helping break filing records
25 Sep 2020

As the USPTO expects downturn in trademark revenues, Chinese applicants are helping break filing records

Trademark filings at the USPTO seem to have recovered to typical levels but there are still questions over whether the activity level of Chinese applicants will be sustained.

Computing and software companies driving positive growth in latest <em>WTR</em> Brand Elite results
24 Sep 2020

Computing and software companies driving positive growth in latest WTR Brand Elite results

Companies that invest in their brands and are supported by leading trademark teams have maintained their positive momentum in the latest WTR Brand Elite, registering their sixth month of stock value growth.


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24 Sep 2020

Live updates: IP offices implement measures in wake of coronavirus crisis

As the novel coronavirus epidemic continues to spread across the globe, WTR provides an updated look at measures that national IP offices have launched in response. Read more

23 Sep 2020

Safeguarding digitised India: everything you need to know about the Personal Data Protection Bill

This guest analysis provides insight into the debate over privacy and data in India, the country’s position in comparison with international efforts and what brands need to know about the ever-shifting environment. Read more

23 Sep 2020

Money saving tips, Asia top filers, UDRP review: WTR’s autumn edition now available

In a bumper edition we present budget management tips, reveal the top law firm and corporate filers in key jurisdictions across Asia, analyse the findings of our survey on non-legal trademark services, and much more. Read more

23 Sep 2020

Decoding the Chinese legal market: what do clients want and whom do they prefer?

With fierce rivalry between domestic and foreign outfits, as well as different types of law firm and agency entities, choosing a partner in China can be a daunting prospect. World Trademark Review gathers exclusive client feedback to assess who is coming out ahead – and why. Read more


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17 Sep 2020

Fighting the enemy within: how to lessen the risk of internal counterfeiting

Ex-employees from both Louis Vuitton and Hermès have been put on trial in recent weeks for their complicity in counterfeit handbag rings. Read more

15 Sep 2020

Apple seizure controversy; USPTO launches innovation council; McDonald’s versus Hungry Jack’s – news digest

In our latest round-up, we look at a counterfeit crackdown in Guangzhou, Oracle seemingly prevailing in bid for TikTok, branded product labels being used to spread awareness of social causes, and much more. Read more

14 Sep 2020

New decree brings clarity and stronger administrative sanctions against violations involving counterfeit and illegal goods

A new decree, which will come into force 15 October 2020, should help the work of Vietnam’s enforcement authorities when dealing with violations involving counterfeit and banned goods, both offline and online. Read more

8 Sep 2020

Trump trademark approved in Argentina; Beijing IP Court update; Gucci ‘fake not’ collection – news digest

In our latest round-up, we look at outrage over a WWE order about names and likenesses, Bumble announcing plans to go public, how counterfeiting remains a problem on Taobao, and much more. Read more

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23 Sep 2020

Getting creative: when to protect trade dress under trademark or competition law

In the absence of trade dress-specific legislation, rights holders in China must manoeuvre around the Trademark Law and the Anti-unfair Competition Law if they are to protect their unique designs effectively. Read more

22 Sep 2020

How TikTok Global’s “‘gun to the chest’ negotiation” may change the way that Chinese brands see the United States

ByteDance agreed to form TikTok Global with Oracle and Walmart, but has the Trump administration changed the relationship that Chinese brands will now expect of the United States? Read more

21 Sep 2020

Super Mario at 35: brand lessons from Nintendo’s iconic mascot

As Nintendo’s famous mascot Mario celebrates its 35th anniversary, WTR looks at what brands can learn from the mustachioed hero. Read more

11 Sep 2020

Russia exhibits strong filings growth on the back of changes to its intellectual property system

Back-end work continues to improve the registry and trademark landscape. Subsequently, there has been a noticeable uptick in local brands pushing for the protection of their rights. Read more

Enforcement and Litigation

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18 Sep 2020

Blow for Valentino SpA as opposition against VALENTINO RUDY mark is dismissed

Italian fashion company Valentino SpA’s opposition against the registration of a figurative mark consisting of a ‘V’ device element and the word element 'Valentino Rudy' in Singapore has failed on all grounds. Read more

7 Sep 2020

BLACK SHEEP trademark dispute - not all sheep are the same

This Australian decision provides guidance on what types of evidence may - or may not - be sufficient to prove use of a trademark in the course of trade. Read more

4 Sep 2020

Queen Elizabeth II prevails in trademark dispute; Big Mac versus Big Jack; Kraft Heinz licensing – news digest

In our latest round-up, we look at a warning to act on counterfeit goods before it’s too late, Lord & Taylor filing for bankruptcy, IP Australia updating its trademark classifications, and much more. Read more

3 Sep 2020

Several issues to be aware of in the battle against bad-faith trademarks in China

This update examines several issues of interest in the fight against bad-faith trademark applications in China, including whether the recently amended Article 4 of the Trademark Law can be used to oppose or invalidate a trademark if there is sufficient evidence of bad faith. Read more


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21 Sep 2020

Innovation at Rospatent: spotlight on non-core tools and services

In the latest in our series on IP innovation, the Russian Intellectual Property Office (Rospatent) shares the innovative tools and services it has launched or is developing for the future. Read more

8 Sep 2020

New guidelines set up advertising overhaul in India, including expectations of brand ambassadors

India’s newly-formed Central Consumer Protection Authority has issued extensive guidelines designed to regulate advertising and clamp down on misleading claims and practices. Read more

28 Aug 2020

Coronil trademark twist; IPOS unveils new partnerships; Banjul marks in Mozambique  – news digest

In our latest round-up, we look at Glossier securing protection for its pink pouch, Pakistan promoting the use of GIs, China issuing opinions for destroying infringing and counterfeit goods, and much more. Read more

27 Aug 2020

IPOS looks to future, Lego’s brand DNA and trademark filing trends: eight takeaways from Singapore IP Week

For 2021, Singapore’s IP Week event has gone virtual. Here we present key takeaways and observations from the discussions. Read more

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23 Sep 2020

Flying high: registry data shows Asia-Pacific filings are skyrocketing

Filing data at the top Asia-Pacific IP offices reveals a region undergoing spectacular growth, accounting for a colossal 80% of trademark activity worldwide last year. Spearheading the effort is China – a nation with increasing influence over its neighbours, which shows no signs of slowing down. Read more

22 Sep 2020

Cost over quality: what in-house counsel and foreign law firms are looking for in a Chinese partner

WTR speaks to a range of market experts to uncover the key qualities that they look for in their Chinese trademark counsel – and why international practices may need to adapt if they are to remain competitive. Read more

8 Sep 2020

Controlling Black Lives Matter: the battle to trademark a movement

A WTR investigation finds over 50 attempts to register Black Lives Matter brands in 2020 so far, with one activist telling us that legal protection is necessary “so that people can't profit from it who haven't shed blood for this movement”. Read more

28 Aug 2020

Economies are battered but many major offices set for record trademark numbers

As the data continues to be updated, we are able to get a better understanding of the extent of the coronavirus’ impact on the trademark ecosystem. Read more

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23 Sep 2020

A year of change and growth at the Japan Patent Office

The past 12 months have been challenging for all national IP offices, but the Japanese registry has overcome major hurdles while seeing a rise in trademark filings and implementing significant changes. Read more

23 Sep 2020

The Madrid Protocol in Indonesia: what you need to know

Indonesia’s membership in the Madrid Protocol has had a noticeable impact on several aspects of daily practice and on the IP office itself, with a number of important developments for trademark professionals to note. Read more

21 Sep 2020

China eclipses United States in latest Asia-Pacific filing figures – with Alibaba top of the pile on home turf

WTR crunches the numbers at the leading Asia-Pacific trademark offices to reveal the extent of China’s emergence as a regional superpower, with Alibaba leading the way among both agent and corporate filers at its home registry. Read more

16 Sep 2020

New data on the Madrid Protocol in Indonesia

Crunching the numbers on filing in Indonesia provides invaluable insight into the impact that the Madrid Protocol is having on the country’s IP office and highlights several issues of which trademark professionals need to be aware. Read more


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4 Sep 2020

The TikTok brand has gone global, which is a great feat, but now it faces a reckoning in the US

The video-sharing app is a highly attractive brand for its resonance with the Gen-Z demographic, but its relationship with China and status as a social media giant will create risks for whoever takes it on. Read more

3 Sep 2020

Trademark protection on e-commerce platforms

With the increasing protection of IP rights on e-commerce platforms, trademark registrants’ rights are respected and protected. Read more

25 Aug 2020

Criminal case involving L’Oréal’s KIEHL’S mark among exemplary IP rights cases of 2019

This decision of the Shanghai High Court in a case involving the sale of fake Kiehl’s cosmetics on online Taobao stores by a counterfeiting syndicate provides valuable guidance for future similar cases. Read more

21 Aug 2020

Gymshark: a brand that ticks all the boxes (including trademark strategy)

The UK fitness company has solidified its market presence among the greats with a winning social media strategy, deep commitment to consumers and a forward-thinking approach to trademark protection. Read more

Portfolio Management

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9 Sep 2020

The rise of K-beauty trademark filings

Trademark applications for cosmetics in Korea have increased by approximately 39.6% between 2014 and 2019, reflecting the rising global popularity of Korean products in general, including K-beauty, K-pop and K-dramas. Read more

4 Sep 2020

Trademark filing under Myanmar’s new trademark law to begin on 1 October 2020

In a welcome development for trademark owners worldwide, the Myanmar government has announced that the soft opening period of the Myanmar Department of Intellectual Property under the new trademark law will begin on 1 October 2020. Read more

3 Sep 2020

What you need to know about the suspension of examinations in trademark administrative cases in China

Rights holders need to have an understanding of the nuances of examination procedures, including the circumstances in which examinations can be suspended in trademark administrative cases. Read more

3 Sep 2020

Strategies to establish trademark fame in China

Aligned marketing and legal strategy to build, defend and strengthen brand reputation We live in a world surrounded by brands. Read more

Trademark law

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3 Sep 2020

Trademark application process in mainland China

As China becomes an important market for foreign brands, securing a trademark in China early will smooth the entry into the Chinese market. Read more

3 Sep 2020

Lost in translation: protecting Chinese-language marks

If a Chinese company goes to another country to sell products or provide services, it is advisable for it to use a trademark in the language of that country in addition to its own Chinese-language mark. Read more

20 Aug 2020

Five ways to beat the odds and protect your brand in Asia

We shine the spotlight on some of the biggest challenges facing brands in Asia and reveal what steps WTR’s trademark elite – from Beijing to New Delhi – are taking to overcome them. Read more

5 Aug 2020

China ranks third globally for Madrid filings as applications rise: the story behind the trends

With Madrid trademark filings in China increasing by 36% year on year, we take a deep dive into the key trends and takeaways on such a significant rise. Read more

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