Computing and software brands share price plunge continues downward pressure on WTR Brand Elite performance

Last month the WTR Brand Elite indices registered a two-point drop in the month ending 30 September – their first fall in seven months.The latest results returned a similar. decline

Computing and software brands share price plunge continues downward pressure on <em>WTR </em>Brand Elite performance
Only a few weeks left to make nominations for the 2021 <em>WTR</em> Industry Awards and <em>WTR</em> <em>300</em> projects
23 Nov 2020

Only a few weeks left to make nominations for the 2021 WTR Industry Awards and WTR 300 projects

There's not long left to nominate corporate trademark professionals for recognition at the WTR Industry Awards 2021 and in the next edition of WTR 300: The World’s Leading Corporate Trademark Professionals.

Brands and covid-19: trademark filing data reveals how businesses are cashing in on pandemic
20 Nov 2020

Brands and covid-19: trademark filing data reveals how businesses are cashing in on pandemic

Trademark applications relating to disinfectants, gloves and masks are on the increase, with Class 5 and Class 10 showing significant annual growth.


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19 Nov 2020

Inclusion in the IP profession; removing formalities requirements; UKIPO on Brexit – INTA 2020 update

As the INTA 2020 Annual Meeting draws to a close, WTR presents observations from the numerous sessions that have taken place over the past few days. Read more

19 Nov 2020

Inside the growing complexity of counterfeit networks, and how to uproot them

Rooting out these networks requires a canny appreciation of how bad actors work with business models akin to their legitimate counterparts. Read more

19 Nov 2020

Draft regulations will improve quality of trademark agents in Taiwan

TIPO’s proposed amendments to the Taiwanese Trademark Act will sharpen the rules on becoming a trademark agent in a move that will hopefully improve the efficacy of trademark services and make it easier for foreign applicants to file trademarks in the country. Read more

19 Nov 2020

WICKED v WICKED SISTER: Federal Court considers issues of deceptive similarity, ownership and removal

There was no sweet victory before the Federal Court of Australia for the owners of the WICKED SISTER mark, used mostly for dairy desserts, in their attempt to prevent use of the WICKED mark for dipping sauces and related products. Read more


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12 Nov 2020

Competition watchdog launches register of IP rights infringers

In order to raise awareness of the potential liabilities associated with manufacturing IP-infringing products, Uzbekistan’s competition watchdog has launched a register of businesses found liable for unfair competition practices involving IP rights infringement in 2020. Read more

11 Nov 2020

Trump’s final IP strategic plan may be non-partisan enough for Biden to keep

Legal experts argue that, in terms of IP strategy, it could be a case of ‘policy business as usual’ once Biden is ensconced in the Oval Office. Read more

10 Nov 2020

Supreme brand sold; Oatly trademark rejected; Panasonic launches anti-counterfeiting campaign – news digest

In our latest round-up, we look at Saturday Night Live riffing on the retirement of brand mascots, the American Retirement Association prevailing in an acronym dispute, and much more. Read more

5 Nov 2020

‘Dupe culture’ grows on TikTok; why this helps counterfeiters and harms brands

An increasing number of young content creators on the TikTok social network are promoting counterfeit goods, with one influencer telling WTR that there is a “large audience” for posts about ‘dupe’ items purchased on online marketplaces. Read more

Brand management

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18 Nov 2020

The verdict on virtual exhibits at the 2020 INTA Annual Meeting

With the 2020 INTA Annual Meeting in full swing, WTR speaks with exhibitors at the virtual event to see how their experience compares with previous years and what changes they would like to see at future digital conferences. Read more

16 Nov 2020

“We remain strong” – INTA CEO pledges togetherness as 2020 Annual Meeting begins

The 2020 INTA Annual Meeting officially kicked off earlier today, with the association’s CEO declaring that “not celebrating the Annual Meeting has never been an option” and declaring that 2021 looks “bright” for the industry. Read more

13 Nov 2020

Live updates: IP offices implement measures in wake of coronavirus crisis

As the novel coronavirus epidemic continues to spread across the globe, WTR provides an updated look at measures that national IP offices have launched in response. Read more

4 Nov 2020

Programme and first speakers revealed for Brand Strategy China 2020

Brand Strategy China will provide attendees with a series of talks delivering actionable takeaways for professionals tasked with protecting the integrity and maximising the value of their brands across Greater China. Read more

Enforcement and Litigation

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17 Nov 2020

Times Now secures injunction against use of NEWSHOUR mark by ex-employee’s TV channel

The Delhi High Court granted Times Now’s request for an interim order restraining rival network Republic TV from using the mark NEWSHOUR, but did not interfere with Republic TV’s use of a mark coined by a former Times Now employee. Read more

10 Nov 2020

Film titles - trademarks or not trademarks?

The recent decision of the Australian Trademarks Office in a case involving a film called Lion again discusses the issue of whether a film title may function as a trademark. Read more

10 Nov 2020

Improvements to Indonesia’s IP regime amidst covid-19 outbreak boost trademark applications

The Directorate General of Intellectual Property has taken progressive steps to accommodate the needs of IP owners during the covid-19 outbreak, resulting in a higher volume of registrations. Read more

9 Nov 2020

New rules for the resolution of administrative disputes in Russia: key points for rights owners and practitioners

The new “Rules for Consideration and Resolution of Administrative Disputes by the Federal Service for Intellectual Property”, which entered into force on 6 September 2020, may lead IP rights owners to reconsider their defence strategies in Russia. Read more


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30 Oct 2020

Sony resolves PS5 trademark fight; Tiffany and LVMH end legal dispute; TPAC new member – news digest

In our latest round-up, we look at a ‘Why Brands Matter’ campaign launching, research revealing the brand risk of data breaches, Authentic Vision planning an expansion, and much more. Read more

29 Oct 2020

Advancing the EU IP agenda in Southeast Asia: interview with IP Key’s Tiago Guerreiro

As the scheme winds down on its four-year strategic plan in Southeast Asia, WTR catches up with project leader Tiago Guerreiro on the initiative’s successes and future goals. Read more

27 Oct 2020

“The myths can make companies disengage” – exclusive interview with IP Australia’s China representative

Charlotte Trinh has big ambitions to grow the role and push for more engagement between Australian brand owners and the Chinese IP system. Read more

26 Oct 2020

Innovation at the Korean Intellectual Property Office: spotlight on cutting-edge tools and services

In an exclusive guest post, the new commissioner of the Korean Intellectual Property Office, Kim Yong-Rae, reveals the agency’s innovative non-core tools and services for trademark users – and those planned for the future. Read more

Law Firms

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16 Oct 2020

Korean IP Office counterfeit crackdown; Trump fakes memo; Trinidad and Tobago joins Madrid System – news digest

In our latest round-up, we look at Nestle beginning a water brands sale, the Pakistan IP Office publishing a list of prospective geographical indications, and much more. Read more

16 Oct 2020

Fighting counterfeits during a pandemic, monetising brands and picking external counsel – takeaways from the second week of WTR Connect

The highlights from the second week of WTR Connect include insight into the record-breaking filing levels in key Asia-Pacific jurisdictions, how Microsoft’s tech philosophy spurs the trademark department and strategies to bring down enforcement costs. Read more

13 Oct 2020

Coca-Cola brand purge continues; TikTok star in Nintendo trademark spat; EUIPO scam alert – news digest

In our latest round-up, we look at the US Department of Homeland Security investing in an anti-counterfeit blockchain start-up, a next-generation trademark status tool launching, and much more. Read more

9 Oct 2020

China overtakes American brand owners to be largest source of trademark applications at the USPTO: data analysis

The unprecedented growth in filings from the Asian giant has many practitioners scratching their heads, so we’ve drilled into the data to provide a comprehensive picture of the situation. Read more

IP Offices

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15 Oct 2020

Innovation at WIPO: spotlight on alternative dispute resolution at IP offices

An exclusive guest post on how WIPO has been working with global IP offices to promote the advantages of alternative dispute resolution services. Read more

12 Oct 2020

“An opportunity to break new ground” – why GI negotiations between Australia and EU could be positive, despite concerns

The FTA negotiations have Australia pressured to adapt an EU-centric geographical indication regime. Local experts tell WTR of the concerns felt by rights holders. Read more

9 Oct 2020

Dispelling counterfeit myths, prioritising budgets, navigating political conflicts – WTR Connect week one takeaways

We present highlights and learnings from the first week of WTR Connect, including how to prioritise enforcement budgets, fight fakes on Weixin and navigate brands through turbulent political times. Read more

7 Oct 2020

Sony faces PS5 trademark fight in India but legal experts reject reports that it will derail console's launch

As gamers around the world readily anticipate the release of Sony’s PlayStation 5 console, media reports suggest that Indian consumers might have to wait a little longer after a third party was discovered to have applied for the PS5 name. Read more


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21 Oct 2020

Tokopedia emerges as primary battlefield in war against counterfeit goods

Indonesian marketplace Tokopedia is being criticised for a lack of engagement with rights holders and inconsistent action on counterfeit goods, so brand owners are urged to push for stronger anti-counterfeiting measures. Read more

8 Oct 2020

McDonald’s and Amul continue trend of successful hybrid actions against fake websites

Earlier this year, the Bombay High Court set the trend of hybrid actions involving John Doe infringers, banks and registrars to fight the rise in fake websites. McDonald’s and Amul recently jumped on this trend. Read more

1 Oct 2020

Amazon expands Transparency in Asia-Pacific, provides update on counterfeit interceptions

Amazon has announced the expansion of its Transparency product serialisation service to Australia and Japan. Read more

30 Sep 2020

QAnon™ – the global efforts to trademark a far-right movement

New investigation finds trademark applications around the world related to the controversial QAnon movement, with one applicant revealing an ambitious plan to launch a global brand to “plant trees and save the oceans”. Read more

Portfolio Management

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4 Nov 2020

Federal Court finds that MONSTER’s reputation is not enough

In a blow to well-known energy drinks company Monster Energy, the Federal Court of Australia has refused to invalidate Japanese software company Mixi’s application to extend the protection of its international registration for MONSTER STRIKE to Australia. Read more

2 Nov 2020

DELHIVERY decision: phonetically generic marks cannot be protected

This decision of the Delhi High Court once again exposes the dangers inherent in the adoption of descriptive marks, including those that are misspellings of descriptive terms. Read more

29 Oct 2020

Bombay High Court frowns on Future’s copying of Parle’s biscuit packaging

This order by the Bombay High Court should be welcomed by brand owners, as it reinforces that consumers make purchasing decisions based not only on brand names, but also on the overall visual presentation of the products. Read more

27 Oct 2020

Is it a Big Mac? Is it a Big Jack? No, it’s a Big MacJac!

Australia’s burger wars have heated up again, with McDonald’s threatening trademark infringement proceedings against restaurant chain Rashjays over its Big MacJac burger. This comes after McDonald’s took action against rival Hungry Jacks over its Big Jack burger. Read more

Trademark law

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12 Oct 2020

Are trademark sub-licensing models workable in India? Legal and practical considerations

Sub-licensing of trademarks is a common practice in India. However, there are questions over the legality of the practice. Read more

23 Sep 2020

Money saving tips, Asia top filers, UDRP review: WTR’s autumn edition now available

In a bumper edition we present budget management tips, reveal the top law firm and corporate filers in key jurisdictions across Asia, analyse the findings of our survey on non-legal trademark services, and much more. Read more

23 Sep 2020

Getting creative: when to protect trade dress under trademark or competition law

In the absence of trade dress-specific legislation, rights holders in China must manoeuvre around the Trademark Law and the Anti-unfair Competition Law if they are to protect their unique designs effectively. Read more

11 Sep 2020

Russia exhibits strong filings growth on the back of changes to its intellectual property system

Back-end work continues to improve the registry and trademark landscape. Subsequently, there has been a noticeable uptick in local brands pushing for the protection of their rights. Read more

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