Region: Argentina

Register Tracker South America: September-December 2021

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The latest WTR register tracker examines filing trends in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia and Mexico between September and December 2021.

21 February 2022

Court of Appeals sets new standard in BURTON cancellation action

This decision of the Civil and Commercial Federal Court of Appeals considers the consequences of purchasing a trademark at auction in bad faith.

20 January 2022

Maradona trademark dispute; Afghanistan IP office resumes operations; Ghana joins Geneva Act – news digest

In our latest round-up, we look at Chinese buying agent WeGoBuy launching an offer to users of a counterfeits forum, PepsiCo being ordered to cease use of its ‘Rise’ name, and much more.

09 November 2021

Register Tracker South America: May-August 2021

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Latin American brand owners post strong foreign filing levels during mid-year period

03 November 2021

Appeal court considers award of damages following assignment of trademark

This dispute over the use of certain designs on underwear raised some interesting issues such as the proof of infringement and the award of damages where the trademark at issue has been assigned.

01 November 2021

BODY LASER held to be valid for beauty parlour services

Argentina’s Federal Court of Appeals in Civil and Commercial Matters has confirmed that, although the mark was suggestive, it did not constitute a necessary designation of the services at issue.

14 October 2021

Cannabis brand parodies, a new bad-faith standard and more: Legal Updates from the Americas you may have missed

WTR’s Legal Updates are written by a select panel of over 160 leading experts who analyse the latest trademark-related developments and decisions in more than 60 jurisdictions.

28 July 2021

Federal Court of Appeals departs from usual practice in SENSORMATIC case

Until now, if a trademark owner sought a temporary assignment of a domain name containing its mark until a final decision was issued, the court usually ruled in its favour. However, in a recent case, a chamber of the Federal Court of Appeals has changed this practice.

24 June 2021

Federal Chamber of Appeals considers protection of civil names in jewellery shop dispute

In a dispute over the use of the name Ricciardi for a jewellery store, the Federal Chamber of Appeals has ruled in favour of the heirs of Mr Luis Ricciardi, who owned a well-known Buenos Aires jewellery store.

10 February 2021

Fame in South America: how to establish and wield well-known status

Renown is a powerful tool for trademark practitioners, but when seeking to establish and utilise it in Central and South America, local nuance is all important.

04 January 2021

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