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Landmark interim injunctive relief decision provides takeaways on tackling copycats in Argentina

A recent interim injunctive relief decision in a copycat case highlights how a convincing storyline can persuade the courts that action is justified.

09 January 2023

Court of Appeals finds that attempt to obtain sanitary authorisation does not constitute “preparatory act” of use

The fact that the defendant started the sanitary authorisation process in 2015 - a year after the opposition was filed - did not go unnoticed by the court.

14 November 2022

Court of Appeals takes co-existence abroad into consideration

This is the first time that co-existence in foreign countries has been taken into account by an Argentinian court.

09 November 2022

Register Tracker Latin America: May-August 2022

Featured in Prosecution

Latin American businesses have a stronger focus on regional markets than those further afield, according to filing data published by Fovea IP. Meanwhile, US applicants enjoy uncontested dominance as the top foreign filers in the region.

21 October 2022

BUENOS AIRES held to be registrable for products in Class 32

The court upheld the principle that geographical names may be registered as trademarks, except if they are appellations of origin or are likely to mislead the public.

14 September 2022

Court considers issue of jurisdiction in cancellation actions

A court has recently held that cancellation actions based on the ground of renewal by filing a false statement of use, as well as those based on the ground of bad faith, are to be decided by the courts - and not by the Trademark Office.

01 September 2022

Maradona enters the metaverse: a lesson for brands seeking a fresh start

After a rocky start to the year, the Maradona brand is seeking new opportunities in the NFT space – with advice for brands considering the same.

01 August 2022

Register Tracker South America: January-April 2022

Featured in Prosecution

Registration rates have fallen at most major Latin America registries this year, but despite volatile application levels, companies in the region continue to eye overseas protection.

21 June 2022

Landmark decision on platform liability issued

In a dispute between an individual and online marketplace Olx SA, the Commercial Chamber has adopted an approach to platform liability that will undoubtedly be applied in trademark-related matters in the future.

06 June 2022

Good news for Mercado Libre as appeal court rules on liability of e-commerce operators

Although this case involved an infringement under the Copyright Law, the findings of the court apply to the infringement of other IP rights.

17 May 2022

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