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Clarifications on the need for ACA recordal of IP rights

Trademark owners who do business in Kenya should record their most important Kenyan or foreign trademark registrations with the Anti-counterfeiting Authority.

09 June 2022

Federal High Court considers registrability of similar trademarks under Section 5 of the Trademarks Act

The decision did not leave any room for doubt as to the rights vested by the law on the proprietor of a registered trademark in Nigeria.

06 May 2022

Rubik’s Cube and soul food feature in Africa and Middle East Legal Updates that you may have missed

We continue our latest series of Legal Updates that you may have missed with insights on recent developments in Africa and the Middle East.

27 April 2022

Meta targeted in anti-counterfeiting suit; ARIPO calls for Seychelles IP plan; Disney launches homeware brand – news digest

In our latest round-up, we look at 21,000 counterfeiting cases being solved in China in 2021, most UK consumers opposing plain packaging on unhealthy food, and much more.

26 April 2022

South African courts ponder SOUL

Can a company monopolise the word ‘soul’ for foodstuffs and restaurant services? This question has been debated at length in South Africa, thanks to the efforts of Golden Fried Chicken (Pty) Ltd, the owner of the registered trademarks SOUL and SOUL KITCHEN.

19 April 2022

South Africa: shared borders and transshipments make it challenging to halt the flow of fakes

Featured in Anti-counterfeiting and Online Brand Enforcement: Global Guide 2022

To ensure that rights holders take full advantage of the anti-counterfeiting programmes in South Africa, it is essential that they develop relationships with local law enforcement agencies such as the police and Customs.

15 April 2022

Israel: raids can be a useful tool but questions remain over where seized goods should be stored

Featured in Anti-counterfeiting and Online Brand Enforcement: Global Guide 2022

Conducting a police raid is a relatively inexpensive procedure. It can significantly deter potential counterfeiters since criminal proceedings may be initiated by the state against the infringers.

15 April 2022

Rubik’s Cube: another throw of the dice

In a blow to Seven Towns Ltd, the UK toy company which manages the rights to the Rubik’s Cube, the Tel Aviv District Court has upheld the decision of the registrar ordering the removal from the register of three 3D marks for the shape of the Rubik’s Cube.

13 April 2022

Online marketplaces in Egypt that should be on counterfeit enforcement radars

Featured in Online marketplace counterfeit hotspots

In the next instalment of our regular series identifying the digital marketplaces that brand owners should monitor as part of their global anti-counterfeiting efforts, we head to Egypt.

11 April 2022

WTR Global Trademark Benchmarking: what is the current state of the industry?

Free survey is designed to give trademark practitioners the opportunity to share their opinion on the industry.

08 April 2022

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