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New IP office standards body set to launch in effort to combat stark digital disparities

The International Intellectual Property Standards Group will launch in the coming months with the aim of advocating for improved standardisation at IP offices, WTR can reveal.

12 November 2021

Amazon and Weber lawsuit team-up; Tiffany and Supreme collaboration; anti-counterfeiting supporting sustainability – news digest

In our latest round-up, we look at the South African IP office warning of email issues, a major new e-commerce platform launching in Kenya, and much more.

12 November 2021

“Enormous momentum” – global spread of plain packaging revealed in new report

A new report delves into health warnings and plain packaging on tobacco products, revealing a significant uptick in brand restrictions over the past couple of years.

10 November 2021

Petition to ICC requests counterfeiting involving widespread death be classed as crime against humanity

The Anti-counterfeit Network Africa has formally submitted a petition to the International Criminal Court proposing that deadly counterfeiting be listed as a crime against humanity.

04 November 2021

How the Global Innovation Index rankings highlights African innovation

The GII assesses the specific strengths and weaknesses of African nations from a trademark perspective. This need-to-know information provides a fascinating IP-centric perspective on economic development.

28 October 2021

adidas and Red Bull wins feature in Africa and Middle East Legal Updates that you may have missed

We continue our latest series of Legal Updates that you may have missed with insights on recent developments in Israel, Kenya, Nigeria, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates.

26 October 2021

A danger to millions: why counterfeiting should be included among crimes against humanity

With a petition set for the International Criminal Court, it is about time the dangers of counterfeit goods are considered among the list of crimes against humanity, argues our Saturday opinion.

23 October 2021

Introduction of utility model patents - advantages and concerns

Recently, the Nigerian Patent Registry unexpectedly directed applicants whose patent applications failed short of the relevant requirements to file the applications as utility models patents. The move has caused concern as it is not backed by any legal provisions or framework.

18 October 2021

The UAE joins the Madrid Protocol - what it means for UAE and international rights holders

The UAE will become a member of the Madrid Protocol from 28 December 2021. This is a momentous development for UAE-based rights holders, as well as international rights holders looking for trademark protection in the UAE.

13 October 2021

Nigeria’s counterfeiting epidemic: expert outlines what brands can do to fight back

The co-author of a new study into Nigerian counterfeits reveals what international brand owners and IP associations can do to improve the situation.

07 October 2021

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