Yonatan Drori

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Following Yotam Werzansky-Orland’s recent move to Cyprus, the firm formerly known as Drori-Werzansky-Orland has split into two branches: the rebranded Drori-Stav & Co continues to serve the Israeli market, while newly minted YWO is targeting the European market. Through this fresh two-pronged model, the firm has positioned itself as a persuasive one-stop shop for clients wherever they are based. Now giving his name to the outfit is Iyar Stav, a courtroom wizard, creative strategist and capable negotiator whose know-how stretches beyond trademarks into copyright, privacy and internet law. He joins Yonatan Drori, a sharp litigator whose background as a computer programmer makes him a fine choice for internet and computer-related cases. He is perhaps best known for his writings, including his books Intellectual Property Law in Israel and Internet Law and IP in the Cyber Domain, which are both often quoted in the courts.

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