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Strategic brand building through optimised portfolio management and crisp results in commercially consequential disputes are the order of the day at OFO VENTURA. Its trademark practitioners – Özlem Futman and Yasemin Aktaş first among them – never give up when the chips are down and continually seek out win-win solutions. A distinguished figure in the international IP community, Fütman maintains a varied practice. “She defines and implements protection plans in a very clever way; and because she regularly works with huge international companies, she knows exactly how to meet their needs and provides a level of work that exceeds all expectations.” Flanking her, Aktaş “has the talent to think creatively but approaches matters pragmatically, without hiding behind ‘ifs’ and long, complicated legal texts”. “She impresses with her intelligence, personality and negotiation skills, and with the articulacy of her reports. Simply, we need more attorneys like her around.”

Yasemin Aktaş's Profile

Yasemin Aktaş is an IP litigator and a Turkish trademark and patent attorney who has more than 12 years’ experience practising IP law in Turkey. She completed her internship at one of Turkey’s largest media groups before gaining further experience at a reputable IP firm. She joined OFO VENTURA as a partner.

Ms Aktaş advises clients on a wide range of IP issues and transactions relating to trademarks, patents, designs, domain names and trade names. She counsels foreign and multinational companies from various industries, including in the fields of fashion, cosmetics, media, online games, electronics, pharmaceuticals and life sciences, automotive and software, on implementing IP protection, litigation and enforcement strategies and portfolio management.

She represents clients in complex trademark infringement and invalidation cases, design and trademark cancellation actions, unfair competition matters, interlocutory and precautionary injunctions, negotiations, co-existence settlements and licensing agreements, as well as prosecution of trademark and design rights before the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office.

She has wide experience in building anti-counterfeiting strategies, including customs monitoring, investigations, raids, seizures and settlement negotiations with counterfeiters.

She is a member of the INTA Anti-counterfeiting Committee, MARQUES Dispute Resolution Team, ECTA’s Publication Committee and has been selected by the IP Experts Group to assist the International Anti-counterfeiting Coalition IP Advisory Board.

She regularly writes on IP-related topics for international and local publications. Her most recent contributions are:

  • “Retailers beware: use of ‘Black Friday’ or ‘Cyber Monday’ in Turkey requires careful thought” (World Trademark Review);
  • “Court of Cassation removes uncertainty for non-use revocation actions” (Lexology);
  • “Online Brand Enforcement 2022 – Protecting your trademarks in the electronic environment” (World Trademark Review);
  • the 2022 Turkey chapter of the International Comparative Legal Guide to Design Law;
  • the 2022 Turkey chapter of the International Comparative Legal Guide to Patent Law; and
  • the 2022 Turkey chapter of the International Comparative Legal Guide to Copyright Law.

Ms Aktaş has been ranked among the leading practitioners in Turkey by WTR 1000, IAM 1000 and The Legal 500

Firm Profile

OFO VENTURA was founded in 2002 by Ozlem Futman who has been working in the IP field since 1997 as a qualified attorney at law, trademark and patent attorney and European patent attorney.

Our team is composed of partners, senior lawyers and senior trademark and patent attorneys who provide skilled legal support and advice on the full range of IP services, including prosecution, litigation, enforcement, counselling and non-contentious matters.

We are an Istanbul-based firm with corresponding offices in Ankara and in the northern part of Cyprus.

Our practice covers all aspects of IP rights, including patents, utility models, trademarks, copyright, designs, geographical indications, licensing, domain names and data protection. Our other areas of specialty where IP protection and counterfeiting are particular concerns in Turkey include fashion, luxury products, cosmetics, sporting goods, stationery, electronics, automobiles, online games and telecoms. We use our experience in these industries and strategically apply them to the issues faced in other industries.

Our team excels at more complex and contentious IP matters and combines its broad experience and skillsets with the creativity and tenacity required in this tricky market in the most responsive and effective manner. We do not limit our knowledge to local law and practice; we also closely follow IP practice, developments and case law worldwide. This drive for constant improvement is making a positive impact in the marketplace.

Since 2003 we have earned the loyalty of a distinguished national and international client base by connecting with them and managing their issues with tenacity in this challenging jurisdiction. Our renowned and international client base spans many industries, particularly in highly regulated areas such as cosmetics, food and beverages and pharmaceuticals.

Clients across the globe have mandated us because we can deliver the result that they want for their IP rights. With the highest standards, OFO VENTURA protects and defends its clients’ rights in all levels. Ambitious and disciplined, we elevate cases until we find complete solutions and restore peace of mind. We understand that protecting our clients’ IP assets is the foundation to our clients’ success within and beyond our borders.

Key rules of behaviour

Each matter is examined from the ground and each strategy is built around the idea of achieving 100%, we answer clients’ needs and remain unique, even in relation to portfolios that we have handled for years.

Strategic partnership

We see ourselves not just as counsel, but also as our clients’ local strategic business partner. We care about our clients’ IP rights, equity and market share.


We love winning and thrive on challenging cases. Our success is your success.


We fiercely protect our clients’ interests because we take each case personally; success for your case is our main goal.

As active members of numerous committees of national and international IP organisations (eg, INTA, ECTA, the International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property, the Pharmaceutical Trademarks Group, the German Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property, MARQUES and the Turkish Patent and Trademark Agents Association), we stay abreast of all the latest IP developments. In addition, our founding partner is a contributor to the best-known IP blog in Turkey (https://iprgezgini.org).

Our commitment and high engagement with IP organisations also mean that we have become a voice for change in Turkey.

Our firm has been ranked by WTR 1000, IAM Patent 1000, Managing IP and Legal500 among leading IP firms in Turkey. 

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