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“Friendly, responsive and reliable, the professionals at Amica Law have exemplary expertise regarding trademark law not just in Singapore but in the wider Asia-Pacific region. Their advice is succinct, practical and intelligently strategic, and shows an excellent understanding of business and the commercial needs of clients.” Reviews such as this, coming from top brands, distinguish the firm – one of the largest specialised IP service providers in the country – as an elite performer. Much credit in this regard is owed to the quality of leadership provided by practitioners such as Jo-Ann See and Winnie Tham, two of the ensemble’s top brand managers. See takes advantage of every ounce of her vast experience in representing prestigious patrons such as Starbucks, whose regional trademark portfolio she manages. Tham, who is coming up on 30 years of experience, has a similar gift for coordinating cross-border filing and protection efforts – something she does in Singapore and Malaysia for Treasury Wine Estates, one of the world’s largest wine companies. They continue to set an outstanding example of excellence to Anna Toh, one of the firm’s future leaders and a practitioner whose influence grows daily thanks to superlative performances on the prosecution and IP transactional sides of the outfit. When it comes to commercial IP matters, Amica Law is ideally situated thanks to the efforts of Toh and others, but especially the orchestration of Wilson Wong, a licensing mastermind with an incredible deal record stretching back over three decades. Jason Chan and Melvin Pang maintain similarly lofty standards of success in the enforcement arena. Chan heads the litigation practice and is a top pick for all manner of IP and technology disputes. Pang, who supports the Starbucks relationship, adds huge value through his blended portfolio management, litigation and anti-counterfeiting expertise.

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