Tjibbe Fokkens

Associate Partner at Clairfort Advocaten BV
Ranked in Benelux: Netherlands
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Full-service commercial law firm Clairfort has a strong IP practice with a superb team of specialised attorneys, specifically Elise Menkhorst, Evert van Gelderen, and Tjibbe Fokkens. They exhibit the best qualities of a boutique – nimbleness, expertise and fair fees – but with the resources of a larger offering.” Making her debut in the WTR 1000 this year, “Elise is a shining example of someone who has a calling and is doing exactly what she loves and excels at. She is extremely knowledgeable and practical, but also critical when assessing the merits of a situation. She has the gift of simplifying even the most challenging topics.” “The go-to attorney for trademark-related issues in the Benelux, Evert is highly experienced and knowledgeable in national, European and international law. He is committed to his clients, pragmatic in his advice and a prudent negotiator.” “Tjibbe is an outstanding lawyer. Not only does he know all the tricks, but with his creativity, strategic sense and goal-oriented approach, he effortlessly adds value at the highest level.

Tjibbe Fokkens's Profile

Tjibbe Fokkens is an attorney at law with more than 15 years of experience in the field of IP law. He is highly experienced in IP conflict handling and litigation, advising on the best ways to protect intellectual property and drawing up IP-related contracts such as licensing and cooperation agreements.

His main areas of expertise are trademarks, design rights, copyright, trade names, domain names, unfair competition and advertising law. He has wide-ranging experience in the field of international IP issues, including the coordination of international infringement cases, cross-border distribution networks and parallel trade.

Mr Fokkens advises and represents multinationals and other companies and organisations, including various well-known brands and retail chains, design agencies and public bodies. He handles cases in many different fields, focusing on the design, fashion, consumer goods, manufacturing and food sectors. He also regularly advises clients in the sports industry.

He combines broad legal knowledge with a practical and personal approach to achieve excellent results for his clients.

Previous editions of WTR 1000 wrote the following about Mr Fokkens:

  • 2022:

Tjibbe Fokkens acquits himself with distinction when coordinating large-scale parallel import programmes and international infringement suits. His commercial mindset and customer-centric approach allow him to focus on what matters.

  • 2021:

“Highly skilled in trademark and unfair competition matters”, Tjibbe Fokkens is “a lovely person with a business-oriented approach”. He analyses each case and its possible solutions thoroughly before preparing an effective strategy, bearing in mind that enforcement procedures differ in each country. Tjibbe is well organised, practical and of immense value to any company.


Firm Profile

Clairfort is a firm of niches. Its teams of specialist lawyers have extensive experience in their own fields of expertise and offer specialist advice in those fields – including in the field of IP and advertising law. 

Specialised IP team

Clairfort’s IP lawyers provide their national and international clients with clear advice and practical solutions. The IP lawyers are professional and dedicated, but also approachable and responsive. They will always focus on the clients’ best interests. In addition, Clairfort’s IP lawyers familiarise themselves intimately with their clients’ businesses and invest in long-term relationships. As a result, they know exactly what interests are at stake. This makes them reliable sparring partners and enables them to always stand up for their clients’ rights.

Clairfort’s IP lawyers have broad experience in all aspects of IP and advertising law. They assist their clients in shaping, procuring, protecting and marketing their products, services and innovations. Not only do they have an eye for the legal complexities, but they also foresee the strategic and practical implications. This is one of the reasons their clients consider them to be  trusted advisers.

IP protection

Clairfort boasts expertise in all IP matters. It advises clients on strategies for the best possible protection of their products, services, innovations and know-how. In order to facilitate such protection, Clairfort works closely with specialised representatives such as trademark and design agents and patent agents.

IP exploitation and contracts

Clairfort’s IP lawyers also help their clients with the (worldwide) exploitation of products and services, for instance by negotiating and drafting commercial contracts such as licensing, distribution, franchising and agency agreements.

IP litigation

Clairfort further assists its clients in IP disputes by advising and litigating in (cross-border) IP infringement matters. These disputes often relate to trademark infringement, parallel trade or counterfeit products, but the IP team also frequently deals with conflicts regarding designs, trade names, domain names, copyright or breaches of licensing agreements.

Clairfort always aims to settle a matter satisfactorily out of court, but – if necessary –  its lawyers forcefully represent their clients in court to achieve the desired result. The firm’s IP lawyers are very skilled in handling (international) disputes, negotiating and conducting injunction proceedings before the civil courts, as well as administrative proceedings such as before the EUIPO.

Cross-border intellectual property

Clairfort understands the cross-border aspect of intellectual property very well. Not only does Clairfort assist Dutch and foreign clients in national and international matters, it also has a broad international network with which it closely works together on cross-border matters. In addition, Clairfort’s IP lawyers are active in the Benelux and international IP community.

Advertising law

The team of specialists working at Clairfort is highly experienced in the field of advertising law and the codes and rules that may apply in relation to specific product categories or services. Clairfort advises and litigates in situations pertaining to comparative advertising or use of trademarks or products in an advertisement, on arrangements with parties such as designers, advertising agencies or influencers and on the admissibility of certain advertisements.

IP areas of law

Clairfort’s IP team would be happy to discuss any questions you may have about:

  • trademark law;
  • copyright law;
  • patent law;
  • design rights;
  • trade name law;
  • advertising law;
  • domain names;
  • unfair competition;
  • portrait rights;
  • trade secrets;
  • parallel trade;
  • licensing and other commercial contracts;
  • cross-border distribution networks; and
  • any other IP issues.

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