Sau Yin Tham

General Manager at Henry Goh & Co Sdn Bhd
Ranked in Malaysia
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Gold - Individuals: prosecution and strategy

Setting the gold standard among Malaysian agencies is Henry Goh & Co, a venerable trailblazer celebrating its 45th anniversary in 2022. With 13 registered trademark agents, it boasts a huge pool of talent: its long-tenured, tight-knit team keeps abreast with the latest legal developments to ensure that its clients’ IP matters are in safe hands. Head of Trademark Prosecution Azlina Aisyah Khalid deftly handles a wide range of IP matters: from comprehensive IP registration and protection, to dispensing insightful pre-litigation advice, to acting as a consultant on licensing agreements, nothing is outside of her purview. Bringing international experience and exceptional business acumen to the table is Eng Leong Lim, a strategist extraordinaire who effortlessly protects intellectual property, manages hefty trademark portfolios for a multitude of patrons, and coordinates successful defence and enforcement strategies at all levels of court. Complementing the trio is veteran practitioner and Executive Director Sau Yin Tham. As the agency’s longest-serving registered trademark attorney, she has an in-depth understanding of the intricacies of trademark law, which shines through when she advises her following.

Sau Yin Tham's Profile

Sau Yin Tham is the executive director and general manager at Henry Goh, and is one of the firm’s longest serving members. She holds a BA degree from the University of Canterbury in Christchurch, New Zealand, and heads the formalities team of the trademark department at Henry Goh. In addition to her corporate responsibilities, she also oversees the general administration of Henry Goh’s trademark department, including its day-to-day operations, supervising filing and prosecution work and staff training, as well as meeting and advising local and foreign clients. She is Henry Goh’s most senior registered Malaysian trademark agent and represents clients before the Malaysian IP Office (MyIPO) in non-contentious hearings.

Ms Tham is a member of the Malaysian Intellectual Property Association and the INTA. Almost three decades of experience – two-thirds of which as a trademark agent – and participation at various local and international conferences have exposed her to the intricacies of trademark law and practice. The depth of knowledge and experience gained has stood her in good stead when dealing with clients and trademark authorities. Her extensive experience in the procedures of Malaysian trademark protection and close rapport with MyIPO officials are invaluable to Henry Goh and its clients.

Firm Profile

With 45 years of legacy and excellence since 1977, Henry Goh & Co is recognised as a pioneer, trailblazer and market leader in Intellectual Property (IP) protection in Malaysia. Our expertise expands over a complete range of IP solutions encompassing patent, trademark, industrial design and copyright matters in various jurisdictions, especially in Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei. We also offer advisory services relating to exploitation and enforcement, including licensing, freedom-to-operate, validity and infringement opinions and litigation support. With headquarters in Kuala Lumpur and a sister office in Singapore since 1998, we operate directly in these jurisdictions, as well as in other countries through a network of trusted foreign associates.

Our Professionals
Our stable workforce of IP professionals with diverse backgrounds in law, engineering, biotechnology, information technology, sciences and other fields have successfully steered a wide spectrum of clients, from sole proprietors and small-medium businesses to multinationals, through various complex IP issues.

The potent combination of multilingual, legal, technical skills and business experience coupled with in-depth knowledge of relevant local, regional and international IP laws provide our team with a unique platform to advise clients from the inception through to the commercialisation of IP. The hard work, diligence and expertise of the people of Henry Goh & Co continue to receive global recognition as IP powerhouses from our clients and industry peers through the latest awards and recognition conferred on the firm and its leading professionals by Managing Intellectual PropertyWorld Trademark Review and IAM


Our Practice Area
We practice in all main areas of intellectual property but focus especially on patent, trademark and industrial design protection.

Our trademark practice has been the IP foundation and cornerstone of the firm since its inception more than four decades ago. Our trademark team of more than 20 personnel is reliable and efficient in the handling and management of all facets of trade and service mark protection, providing sound and honest advice in pre-filing search, timely filing and effective prosecution, hearing and opposition, prompt renewals, proper maintenance and advising on trademark enforcement.

Our wealth of experience and rapport cultivated with the local trademark office at MyIPO makes us familiar with the changing practices of the local examiners. This makes us the ideal and dependable agent for fuss-free trademark protection in Malaysia and Singapore. We are also adept in filing trademark and service mark registrations in any country worldwide through our network of foreign associates, as well as international applications via the Madrid Protocol.

Henry Goh & Co works closely with external counsel and the relevant authorities in trademark enforcement work to ensure a favourable outcome.

Notwithstanding our pioneer status, we have continued to evolve with the everchanging trademark landscape in Malaysia and around the world. To adapt to the new national Trademarks Act that came into force in late 2019, early on we built a strong understanding of the amended laws and established a well-oiled practice that is in tune with such changes. When the global pandemic hits, we transitioned seamlessly to working remotely from home and accessing our virtual files on our own customised case management system. Business was as usual (as much as practicable) attending to clients’ needs and communicating with MyIPO officers using technological aides and virtual platforms. Post-pandemic, such adaptability has continued to steer us in the new future and towards a more productive way of working.

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