Julius Stobbs

Principal at Stobbs IP
Ranked in United Kingdom: England
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Thanks to its non-traditional business structure and innovative working methods, Stobbs IP has been the talk of the industry for several years now. With 28 trademark attorneys and 13 solicitors on deck, as well as a battalion of capable support staff, the group is one of the busiest firms of its kind and stands as the country’s second most prolific trademark filer. That said, filing is far from where its abilities stop: the group handles the gamut of strategic brand protection work, both online and offline, as well as oppositions and representation in court disputes. “Stobbs provides a high-quality service – it is incredibly responsive to queries, replying in a matter of minutes, and its team is willing and able to explain complex issues to a layperson, which is a real skill.” Giving the practice both its name and its reputation is talismanic founder Julius Stobbs, who in an unusual move remains its only partner. He has recently been busy executing major online brand enforcement programmes for H&M and Harley Davidson. “Julius not only is an excellent lawyer, but also has a keen business sense and understands that most of the time the client’s business needs must drive the legal solution. Aside from his legal expertise and business acumen, Julius is also prompt and reliable, often responding to emails and making himself available for calls after business hours.” “He is both a visionary and a first-rate adviser on all UK and EU brand matters. A fantastic strategist, he is a go-to for anything difficult.” Stobbs’ team of hotshot trademark attorneys includes Louise Goodsell, Jessica Wolff, Claire Breheny, Harpreet Dhaliwal and Emma Pettipher. Pragmatic adviser Goodsell has recently dedicated time to conducting an IP portfolio audit for BUPA and carving out its brand strategy; while Wolff thrives at the intersection of trademarks and other IP rights, and as such is a powerful force in domain name disputes. Equally adept at recovering domain names, Breheny is also an adroit manager of global trademark portfolios; while Dhaliwal is well accustomed to multi-jurisdictional oppositions and is known for her commercial approach, in the context of both disputes and acquisitions. Cambridge-based Pettipher has lately been guiding the brand protection programmes of social media influencers and acting in oppositions for Facebook. According to patrons, she is “user friendly and knowledgeable”, and provides “crisp, commercial advice”. Bridging the gap between the trademark attorney and solicitor practices is dual-qualified Caspar Rebling, who is “characterised above all by his high level of legal expertise, experience and exemplary responsiveness”. “He always has clients’ best interests in mind; he is approachable, practical, responsive and a trusted partner.” Fluent in German, he can communicate seamlessly across the continent. German-qualified Barbara Niemann-Fadani is likewise highly proficient at an international level, having worked in both Italy and Germany and fought cases all over Europe. A specialist in the luxury fashion and advertising sectors, she is reportedly “an ambassador for Stobbs’ no-nonsense, ‘get the job done properly’ culture”. Heading up the contentious division is solicitor Geoff Steward, who has been defending Liverpool Football Club against a High Court claim brought by New Balance and steering the worldwide brand management of the Ritz Hotel London. His fellow solicitor is Chris Sleep, “an agile and practical thinker with an excellent ability to spot the most important issues in a case and offer a range of suitable solutions right away”. Mars Wrigley has recently looked to him to safeguard its SKITTLES mark.

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