Jern Ern Chuah

Founder Consultant at DCC Advanz Malaysia Sdn Bhd
Ranked in Malaysia
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A business-centric, innovative approach is the distinguishing feature of one of the country’s leading IP agencies, DCC Advanz Malaysia Sdn Bhd. Previously known as Advanz Fidelis, the agency has recently integrated with Davies Collison Cave and changed its name. Offering a wide range of IP-related services, such as prosecution, auditing and commercialisation, the outlet is equipped to assist clients in all stages of IP development. A strong trademark team has an excellent track record when it comes to filing, negotiations and dispute-resolution advice. Its strong advisory capacities have not gone unnoticed; the agency has been tasked with developing IP frameworks for various government agencies. As a member of the QANTM Intellectual Property Group, it has access to over 150 professional associates. With more than 15 years in the business, trademark team leader Pui Keng Lim handles prosecution and enforcement, and gives out advice on contentious issues. Elite strategist Jern Ern Chuah is intimately familiar with the firm’s operations, and, although retired as CEO, continues to act as one of the pillars of the outfit. Taking care of the advisory department is Siew Ling Lee, who guides her patrons through the contentious proceedings. She is also the primary point of contact for Chinese-speaking clients.

Jern Ern Chuah's Profile

Jern Ern Chuah is the founder consultant of DCC Advanz Malaysia Sdn Bhd. Mr Chuah founded Advanz Fidelis (DCC Advanz Malaysia Sdn Bhd was formerly known as Advanz Fidelis IP Sdn Bhd before it integrated with Davies Collison Cave in October 2022) in 2000 on the belief that intellectual property and business should be integrated, not treated as separate fields. The firm’s core values and key services thus stem from this principle, making the company a pioneer in Malaysia by offering a wide and unique range of services that cater to every stage of product development, from the conception of an idea through to commercialisation of the resulting product or service.

Now as founder consultant of the company, Mr Chuah works alongside the team in innovating and developing new services in the area of IP asset management and, in particular, takes up projects in relation to crafting symbiotic business and IP management plans and providing practical business and strategic advice to clients on how to tie intellectual property as well as business activities together to increase their competitiveness and ensure success in their industries.

In the area of IP valuation, Mr Chuah was the sole Malaysian representative on the United Nations Commission on the International Trade Law Experts Group on Security Interests in Intellectual Property, representing the views of developing countries in the development of the IP Annex to the Legislative Guide on Secured Transactions.

Mr Chuah has over 25 years’ experience in the IP field. He obtained a first-class honours LLB in the field of commercial lending and security law from the University of Nottingham in the United Kingdom. He was admitted and called to the bar of England and Wales, and he is an advocate and solicitor of the High Court of Malaya (non-practicing). He is also a registered trademark agent in Malaysia.

Firm Profile

DCC Advanz Malaysia Sdn Bhd is a corporation of IP specialists focused on all aspects of intellectual property. It offers fully integrated IP services under one roof – from registration and portfolio management to advice on contentious matters, and from advisory and consultation to the implementation of policies relating to clients’ IP needs.

DCC Advanz is the result of the integration of Advanz Fidelis IP Sdn Bhd and Davies Collison Cave in October 2022, which creates a wealth of opportunities and synergies between the two companies – the introduction of the DCC brand into the Malaysian market, and the expansion of the capacity of DCC to provide services on top of its present footprint across Australia, Singapore, New Zealand and Hong Kong.

Strength in IP services

The people at DCC Advanz make up a well-rounded and technical team, allowing it to cover a broad range of industries. With expertise in a wide range of disciplines, DCC Advanz is specifically equipped to assist clients with all levels of IP development. The consulting arms of DCC Advanz are divided in four areas:

  • technical research and development;
  • legal and regulatory;
  • business advisory; and
  • commercialisation.

This enables DCC Advanz to be a leading, comprehensive provider of IP services.

The team at DCC Advanz comprises 30 professionals who come from a variety of backgrounds and include registered patent, trademark and industrial design agents, lawyers (non-practising), engineers, business advisers and commercialisation and accounting professionals.

DCC Advanz possesses a strong trademark team which regularly pushes the boundaries in IP prosecution strategies, resulting in a number of success stories for novel IP filings and registrations in Malaysia. The consulting team has also been very active, undertaking a large amount of dispute resolution work and negotiations, as well as acting in an advisory capacity. Of note is DCC Advanz’s involvement in advising state governments and agencies, and the development of policies and frameworks for key government agencies.

DCC Advanz helps to develop IP strategies for clients by reviewing their IP portfolios and identifying how best to protect and commercialise existing and future intellectual property.

DCC Advanz’s strength also lies in its IP education services. Using an easy-to-understand view of intellectual property, it has been successful with its programmes, with attendees easily able to comprehend and appreciate key IP concepts.


What differentiates DCC Advanz from its competitors is its business-centric approach to intellectual property. Client advice is rendered from a business perspective, enabling clients to understand better the importance and benefits of intellectual property to their businesses. DCC Advanz is focused on ensuring that its end results have an enriching and beneficial effect on all of its clients.

DCC Advanz’s professionals have a wealth of experience spanning a diverse variety of topics. Aside from standard IP prosecution activities, DCC Advanz is involved in:

  • the creation and development of comprehensive training programmes;
  • IP portfolio auditing and strategy;
  • negotiation and commercialisation of IP assets;
  • strategic advice on dispute resolution cases;
  • development of IP policy frameworks;
  • development of IP management systems; and
  • negotiation of transactions and commercial agreements.

DCC Advanz continues to improve and innovate on the services that it provides, and aims to offer clients a comprehensive range of services that can meet and exceed their requirements. DCC Advanz operates on a common philosophy of client service that is delivered to a single standard of excellence, enabling the creation of sustainable and measurable results for its clients, regardless of the discipline.


DCC Advanz has regularly been recognised as a leading IP practice in Malaysia by its peers, overseas associates, survey groups and IP industry publications. It frequently wins awards and mentions, either by itself or through its consultants.


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