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Partner at Kangxin Partners PC
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Since its establishment in 1994, Chinese IP powerhouse Kangxin Partners has been renowned for its industry expertise. It has all bases covered for national and international brand owners – outposts in Germany, Japan and the United States operate seamlessly alongside its China contingent to offer a full spectrum of brand protection. Managing partner Samson Gang Yu leads the charge, with exceptional international IP experience on his resume. He works as an IP strategic advisor for many top Chinese companies, providing them with valuable insights into their overseas acquisitions. An expert in IP commercialisation, Gloria Wu heads the trademark squad and has assisted numerous international brand owners in devising and implementing tailored protection strategies in the country.

Gloria Q Wu's Profile

Gloria Q Wu graduated from the Beijing Foreign Studies University School of Law in 2005 and began her IP career the same year when she joined Kangxin.

Ms Wu has assisted IP owners from all over the world in devising and implementing tailored strategies for IP protection in China, dealing with both prosecution and litigation cases. She is also experienced in dealing with cases involving different types of IP rights, such as patents, trademarks, copyright and domain names. Based on her deep knowledge and extensive experience of IP practice, she provides proactive, insightful advice to clients who encounter complicated disputes in China, and helps them to resolve their problems successfully and efficiently.

Ms Wu is also active in IP transactions and licensing. She has successfully assisted her clients in the monetisation of IP assets and has also provided legal services such as drafting and reviewing agreements, due diligence and negotiation.

She has authored many articles in both Chinese and international journals and has been frequently consulted and interviewed by legal media to give comments and opinions in relation to the latest influential IP cases or other new developments in China’s legal system. She is also an active speaker and moderator at international conferences and seminars, sharing her knowledge and experience of IP practice in China with audiences from all over the world.

Ms Wu works actively with legal tech teams in Hong Kong, Bejing and Suzhou in developing software and tools for IP practice, such as trademark search engines using AI technology and patent transaction platforms using blockchain technology.

Firm Profile

Since its establishment in 1994, Kangxin has grown into a leader among IP law firms in China, with offices including Beijing, Tianjin, Qingdao, Xi’an, Wuhan, Hangzhou, Dongguan, Guangzhou. Our client base includes domestic Chinese enterprises and international companies from around the world. We represent many different businesses, including start-ups, well-known domestic entities, and Fortune 500 multinationals. Each year, Kangxin grows exponentially while continuing its focus on providing exceptional IP services.

At Kangxin, we focus on our clients’ best interests; a business practice which sets us apart from other IP firms in China. Our efforts have earned the company numerous accolades including: Top Honours from Chambers and Partners, Legal 500, Managing Intellectual Property and World Trademark Review.

With dedicated teams specialising in IP litigation, enforcement, patents and trademark prosecution, Kangxin remains a driving force for IP protection in China and throughout the world. At Kangxin, our practitioners are highly professional, client focused and efficient. We recruit IP professionals from across China and abroad to join our team. There are currently more than 510 staff across our offices, 410 of whom are specialised IP professionals. Kangxin is a full-service IP firm, organised into several specific divisions. Each division has the expertise to meet a client’s particular needs in this ever-changing IP enforcement market.

Kangxin IP Platform is a comprehensive IP management tool, backed by a team of professionals from Kangxin Partners PC. Combining intellectual property, IT and AI technology. Kangxin IP Platform provides a smart, one-stop solution to maintain your trademark, brand protection and copyright portfolio with a complete suite of protection services.

Our service

Since opening in 1994, patent applications filed by Kangxin have had a success rate of over 90% – one of the highest percentages in China. In 2017, Kangxin filed 821 Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) applications on behalf of Chinese domestic clients, placing the firm in third position in China and fifth in the world for IP firms according to the MIP PCT Annual Survey.

Our patent team is divided into three main divisions: electronics; chemistry and life sciences; and mechanics. Each division has experts in the fields of chemistry, electronics, life sciences, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, communications and computer technology, and mechanics. With a strong team of professionals, Kangxin can provide specific IP insight and practical advice to our clients in these industries.

Trademarks, copyrights and domain names
Staffed by attorneys with experience in both Chinese and international law and practice, Kangxin is recognised as having one of the strongest trademark practice groups in China.

At Kangxin, we understand that trademark and copyright protection is the essence of your business. Our professionals will help you determine the optimum strategy for protecting your IP rights, and will work with you to enforce these rights in the event of third-party conflicts and counterfeiting.

Our expert services would not be complete without domain name services. In today’s internet age, domain name issues can be a common issue. Our team has extensive experience in domain name registration and dispute resolution. We will represent you to negotiate with third-parties and domain name related disputes.

IP Enforcement

Kangxin’s legal practice has experience in a wide variety of intellectual property disputes, including those related to patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, unfair competition and technology transfer disputes.

Our senior patent attorneys have more than 20 years of practical field experience, while our litigation attorneys are IP specialists with backgrounds particularly suited for IP-related litigation.

Several of our litigation professionals previously worked at the State Intellectual Property Office, while others have served in the Provincial High Courts, Beijing’s IP Courts and the Supreme People’s Court of China.

Our attorneys’ extensive legal knowledge coupled with their rich experience, provides our clients with the sharp edge they need for IP litigation and related matters.

IP strategy and design

Our IP strategy and design practice includes preliminary, invalidation and infringement searches. We provide IP strategic consulting services and create patent maps for clients. In conjunction with both the Chinese government and corporate clients, we complete successful strategy projects each year.

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