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“Highly recommended” for all brand protection matters, ATG Law Firm is “super-responsive, totally business-oriented and always finds a way to resolve matters quickly yet practically.” While its offering spans the trademark lifecycle, enforcement and anti-counterfeiting are particular strong suits. Most recently, a US-headquartered consumer goods multinational appointed the group as its sole representative for Turkey and transferred 300-plus ongoing files over as well. Dynamic duo Ahmet Akgüloğlu and Gizem Akgüloğlu work side by side to drive the practice to great heights. “Ahmet’s advice is invaluable,” enthuses one client. “He has a strong understanding of our commercial needs and is instrumental in enforcing our strategically important assets.” “The positive attitude that Ahmet brings to the table is infectious – he really creates a wonderful working environment for all involved. It is always reassuring to know that he is just on the other end of the phone with a solution, even in the most difficult situations.” “Gizem is undeniably successful at managing large portfolios of trademarks. She is receptive to new ideas and skilled at shaping them into submissions that the TPTO will understand. On top of it all, she is flexible, attentive and really nice too!”

Gizem Akgüloğlu's Profile

Gizem Akgüloğlu is a partner at ATG Law Firm. An attorney at law and a registered trademark attorney before the Turkish Patent Institute, she specialises in IP law and IP-related commercial matters and has extensive experience in prosecution, litigation and anti-counterfeiting matters.

Ms Akgüloğlu represents many multinational clients in Turkey. She manages major trademark portfolios of global companies and handles the prosecution and protection of their trademark assets in Turkey. Ms Akgüloğlu also manages brands active in strictly regulated sectors and therefore has a multidisciplinary legal approach in managing them. She is also active in the protection of many well-known trademarks in Turkey.

Ms Akgüloğlu’s clients come from a wide range of sectors, such as fast-moving consumer goods, technology, fashion, watches and cosmetics. She has a great understanding of the Turkish counterfeit market and frequently devises tailor-made brand protection programmes for her clients. Cooperating with investigators on identifying targets, obtaining search and seizure decisions, organising police raids, filing customs applications and conducting customs seizures, as well as training customs officers on the authenticity criteria and trade paths of her clients’ brands, form a significant part of her daily practice.

Ms Akgüloğlu advises her clients in all civil and criminal litigation relating to all aspects of trademark, design and unfair competition law and regularly represents clients before all levels of courts in Turkey. Complex cases regarding termination and prevention of trademark infringements and invalidations of registered trademarks constitute the highlights of her expertise.

Firm Profile

ATG Law Firm is a full-service IP firm delivering accurate, pragmatic and effective legal services to its clients in relation to all aspects of IP law. The firm assists many multinational and national companies with their IP needs, including management of major strategic IP portfolios, IP litigation, IP advisory, anti-counterfeiting matters and transactional matters.

The firm is based in Istanbul, with working and correspondent offices in Ankara and Turkey’s other business centres.

Major international brands regularly engage ATG based on the strength of the firm’s reputation for delivering the results clients want. The firm’s professionals have a deep understanding of the commercial needs and prospects of the clients and the ability to reach the desired outcomes in the most cost-efficient way possible for the clients. As a result, ATG has been serving numerous multinational clients in relation to the full range of trademark matters and strategies for many years.

Trademarks and designs

ATG provides the full range of trademark services, including advisory, litigation, transactions, prosecution and anti-counterfeiting.

The firm’s clients are active in many different sectors, including fast-moving consumer goods, automotive, technology, fashion and watches, delivery, arms and defence. The firm’s services include protection of well-known and famous trademarks, invalidation of trademark registrations, actions to prevent trademark infringement, preliminary injunctions, unfair competition and all forms of complex trademark-related litigation.

Led by Ahmet Akgüloğlu, whose extensive experience in handling complex and multidisciplinary IP litigation cases is second to none, ATG advises its clients and conducts civil and criminal litigation relating to all aspects of trademark, design and unfair competition law. ATG’s team of experienced lawyers represents its clients before the courts of all levels in Turkey. Complex cases regarding termination and prevention of trademark infringements and invalidations of registered trademarks constitute the core of the firm’s practice. Extensive experience and interdisciplinary expertise enable ATG to offer goal-oriented strategies to clients with a clear view of potential solutions, while the dynamism of the management allows the firm to provide tailored solutions that maximise efficiency.

Alongside its active litigation practice, ATG is also engaged in alternative dispute resolution. Further, Mr Akgüloğlu has been appointed as a panellist and arbitrator before the National Arbitration Forum for Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy matters.

ATG has extensive experience in anti-counterfeiting matters, which is reflected in its ability to come up with expert brand protection strategies for its clients. ATG further handles the global trademark strategies of its clients and actively engages associates abroad to handle matters outside Turkey. ATG develops anti-counterfeiting programmes in Turkey for many multinational brands. In this respect, a significant part of the firm’s practice is to cooperate with investigators on the identification of targets and collection of legally required evidence, obtain search and seizure decisions, organise police raids and follow up on criminal cases, file customs applications and conduct customs seizures, as well as train customs officers in the authenticity criteria and trade paths of the brands.

ATG represents its clients before the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office during registration of their IP rights and all related prosecution work, such as monitoring of trademarks, registration, renewal of trademarks, drafting oppositions and responding to oppositions filed by third parties for trademark applications, preparing appeals against the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office’s decisions, as well as challenging the final office decisions before the specialised IP courts in Ankara.


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  • International Federation of Intellectual Property Attorneys

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