Ann-Cathrin Hoel

Head of Legal at Onsagers AS
Ranked in Norway
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“Deserving of the highest praise, Onsagers has a prominent roster of clients and handles all of its matters with utmost professionalism.” With trademark attorneys and attorneys at law under one roof, it is no mere filing shop, but serves as vital strategic and business partner from the earliest stages of product and brand ideation to commercial success and beyond. Heading up the legal department, Ann-Cathrin Hoel has held several senior positions in heavyweight pharmaceutical and technology companies. She knows what flies with the C-suite and her advice goes into just the right amount of detail. “Quick, sharp and great to collaborate with, Thomas Gaarder-Olsen is exceptional at handling portfolios.” As examples, he manages the marks of three Orkla subsidiaries on a global scale; files for Schlumberger, the world’s top oilfield services provider; and devises strategies for the Norwegian Fashion Hub. Proficient on both sides of the contentious divide, Anders Ervin Solberg is Huawei and Telenor’s trademark guardian of choice. He recently concluded a decade-long opposition proceeding at the EUIPO for the latter, to great success. Tenacious litigator Eirik Rødsand has spent 20 years at the IP coalface and has an all-encompassing knowledge of patents, design and marketing law.

Ann-Cathrin Hoel's Profile

Ann-Cathrin Hoel is a senior partner at Onsagers and has worked in intellectual property since 1989. Her extensive experience has been gained through her work in private practice as well as an in-house counsel, an IP consultant and a legal counsel at the Norwegian Industrial Patent Office.

Her seven years as the head of the IP department of an international pharmaceutical corporation and four years as head of the IP department of a telecommunication company mean that she brings invaluable, client-side industry experience to Onsagers. She understands intellectual property from a business perspective and has extensive knowledge in handling IP portfolios.

Ms Hoel specialises in the protection and management of IP rights, and advises in a range of subject matters, including general and strategic trademark counselling, developing and implementing trademark protection strategies, infringement issues, litigation and dispute resolution. She also has strong knowledge in drafting licensing, co-existence and research and development agreements and has considerable experience conducting IP due diligence.

Firm Profile

Onsagers AS is a leading full-service specialised IP firm and IP strategy adviser in Norway, acting globally with our dedicated international IP team.

With 70 years of practice, Onsagers is one of the longest-established, largest and leading IP firms in Norway. Our objective is to be your privileged partner for the protection, management and exploitation of your intellectual property. Through open dialogue and clear-cut advice, combined with modern technology, updated services and a cost-conscious approach, Onsagers offers premium quality IP support.

We prepare, manage and secure European Patent Office (EPO) applications as part of our full-service offering for all IP legal matters. As Norway’s largest top-tier IP law firm, we have worked on some of the world’s biggest, highest-profile and most complex IP litigation cases.

We have handled and prosecuted cases in over 140 different jurisdictions and we employ more technical PhD graduates than any other law firm in Norway. All this gives us an unrivalled knowledge base and technical capability.

But these are not the only reasons clients instruct us to handle their EPO applications. We have also developed a singular approach to the way we work. This promotes predictability over uncertainty and cost-efficiency over ambiguity.

The Onsagers approach

Onsagers gives professional, clear-cut advice with a practical, no-nonsense approach. The firm has an innovative outlook and its dynamic and proactive team of professionals provides up-to-date services.

Our approach to intellectual property is to deliver value aligned with the business strategy. We know that protecting intellectual property is expensive and, accordingly, we always focus on things that really add value to the bottom line in the long run.

Our professionals always take pride in understanding their clients’ individual and business needs, and in providing quality services in a timely manner at competitive prices.

IP competence

We employ more technical PhD graduates than any other IP law firm in Norway and have a highly competent legal department. We have extensive knowledge of most industries and particular in-depth knowledge of the pharmaceuticals, bio-tech, oil and gas, and shipping industries. Having industry teams consisting of engineers and lawyers ensures that all relevant aspects are covered, and brings quality, cost and strategic benefits.

By employing more former Norwegian Patent Office examiners than any other Norwegian IP firm, we can guarantee that we know what matters when it comes to prosecuting our clients’ applications. We also work closely with our local and international IP network that has been built over 70 years on trust and mutual benefit.


Onsagers’ clients benefit from clear-cut, pragmatic advice and a personal, ‘hands-on’ approach to managing cases.

International IP experts in Norway

Onsagers’ dedicated international IP team offers a one-stop shop, where attorneys at law and European patent attorneys with extensive international experience work in close collaboration.

Our international team has comprehensive experience in trademark and patent prosecution, enforcement, including customs seizures, passing off and unfair competition cases, as well as trademark and patent infringement and validity cases, some of which have attracted international attention. We will give you the best professional and cost-efficient advice for your intellectual property in Norway.

Our team members’ vast experience has been gained from working at the Norwegian Industrial Property Office, as well as from representing Norway at WIPO, the EPO and Nordic Baltic IP Committees. This ensures that our insight into Norwegian IP practice remains current and that we can provide efficient advice and elaborate the best strategy for your IP rights.

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