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Bronze - Individuals: enforcement and litigation

One of the top IP boutiques in the United States, Knobbe Martens has all aspects of trademark protection, enforcement and monetisation on lock. With more than 275 dedicated IP lawyers, many of whom focus on brands, the firm ensures virtually unmatched coverage to its clients, who include start-ups, Fortune 500s and all types of company in between. Always within easy reach, it has specialists stationed in multiple Californian offices as well as Seattle, New York and DC; this includes 10 newly minted partners as of January 2021 – a figure that attests to the firm’s significant organic growth in the recent period. Standout performers among many high achievers include Lynda Zadra-Symes and Diane Reed, who link up to support Monster Energy through all phases of the brand life cycle. Coming in for special praise, Zadra-Symes is “incredibly adept at spotting issues early and developing strategies to capitalise on opportunities or minimise the negative impact of any problems. She has an extensive knowledge of US and international trademark law and can be leaned on heavily by those with complex global issues.” A discerning choice for transactional assignments, Reed is also an adept all-rounder who represents many prestigious clients, Toshiba being another. In leading the set’s push in the cannabis industry, Jonathan Hyman is helping to showcase Knobbe Martens as a firm that practices at the cutting-edge when it comes to brands. Hyman works across multiple industries into which he has deep insights; in food and beverages, he represents BAI Brands, which has quickly established itself as a leading player in the enhanced water category. Catherine Holland has a particularly strong following in the fashion and beauty industry, which she has been active in for decades; her patrons include The Face Haus, which she protects in the US and foreign jurisdictions. Other key names for the address book include Susan Natland, Jeffrey Van Hoosear and Stacey Halpern, all of whom bring special qualities to the practice. Natland and Hoosear stand out for their excellent leadership and Halpern gets to grips with large portfolios easily and manages them into optimal shape. Ali Razai and Michael Friedland focus on litigation and enforcement and regularly put in textbook-worthy performances when the chips are down. “Ali is a powerfully effective litigator who is great at mediation, strategically smart, and well-organised at running large and small cases. He is very personable and great to work with and, at the end of the day, gets results.” Friedland has handled a huge number of court and TTAB cases in the past 20 years – there’s nothing he hasn’t seen, which puts him in an advanced state of preparedness.

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