Alexander Späth

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Founded 30 years ago, KLEINER now plays host to 17 lawyers – nine of whom are dedicated trademark lawyers – based out of twin offices in Düsseldorf and Stuttgart. Though companies in the pharmaceutical, food and wine, and furniture sectors especially benefit from its support, it counsels both domestic and international players in every field, providing value-additive, cost-efficient advice. Making a name for the practice is Alexander Späth, who has been in the game for 20 years, during which time he has turned his hand to almost every kind of contentious and non-contentious trademark instruction – including obtaining preliminary injunctions and border confiscations. “There are certainly many who have mastered trademark law, but only a few put their legal power into motion like Alexander. He can effectively communicate with US clients and always provides excellent strategic advice. He always examines and assesses all possible options, and develops big-picture IP filing strategies.”

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