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Silver - Individuals

Perkins Coie has seen its Colorado coverage expand this year thanks to the WTR 1000 debut of Craig Beaker, a partner who plays the trusted adviser role to a T. A go-to for several popular outdoor and travel gear makers and retailers, among others, Beaker is hailed as a “thoughtful, calm, clear-headed, incredibly organised, diligent, respectful, humble and proactive lawyer”. One source comments: “I really value his partnership and am so grateful for what he does on behalf of my company; he has helped us come up with a new framework to navigate complex enforcement issues in a somewhat crowded field. His approach is always diplomatic and he ensures our interests are protected while avoiding negative publicity.” He joins Alexander Garcia and Andrew Roppel in the listings. Garcia is “instrumental in clients’ success in the IP arena – and in the individual success of the in-house counsel he represents”. “He connects well with business teams to develop IP reference guides and gives pitch-perfect advice on filings and trademark infringement issues.” Assisting companies with global portfolio management and enforcement, he works closely with Roppel, a senior counsel who takes the lead on several relationships too. He gets to grips with large portfolios easily, chiselling them into optimal shape. Zooming out, Perkins Coie has a muscular trademark, copyright, internet and advertising practice staffed by top layers in Denver, Palo Alto, Seattle, Phoenix, Chicago and DC, giving it a robust US platform for domestic and international work.

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