Aleksandra Kryśka

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For over three decades, stacked boutique Patpol has been securing impenetrable protection for entrepreneurs, SMEs and international conglomerates. More recently, it has expanded its offering to include the defence and enforcement of those rights through litigation arm Patpol Legal. “An excellent negotiator with extensive IP knowledge”, Dariusz Piróg is “brilliant at handing huge disputes with international elements”. He leads the legal team and has recently been engaged in a parallel import matter for Xerox. Two stars on the prosecution side are Aleksandra Kryśka and Joanna Piłka. Kryśka is deputy head of the trademark team and a safe bet when it comes to administrative proceedings; while Piłka’s “outstanding knowledge and client-oriented approach make her a pleasure to work with”. Managing director Izabella Dudek-Urbanowicz ensures that everything runs smoothly: “She is a superb practitioner with the ability to look at prosecution matters from all sides. Energetic, passionate and always well prepared, Izabella delivers an excellent service and gets directly to the heart of the issue. She is the first choice for IP matters in Poland.”

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