Aldo de Landa

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Bronze - Individuals: enforcement and litigation

An IP leader in Mexico for over 25 years, Arochi & Lindner is appreciated for putting client interests first and delivering on its promise of an efficient and commercially driven service. Ultra-sophisticated in the enforcement arena, the team demonstrates great tenacity and strategic nous in the way that it deals with infringement issues, both civil and criminal in nature; overall, the firm handles a high percentage – up to 40% – of all IP litigation cases in Mexico, giving it vast experience to draw on. In founder and managing partner Roberto Arochi, the firm has a leading authority on anti-counterfeiting and a superlative all-round trial lawyer. He is recommended in the gold tier alongside Heidi Lindner, a savvy patent litigator who can also be counted on for resonant trademark performances. Rising stars on the enforcement and litigation scene, Aldo de Landa, Sergio Velazquez and Diana Karina Martínez, have hit their stride and contribute to the group’s success. With them on deck, the future looks extremely bright for the firm.

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