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On every instruction, the practitioners at Weinmann Zimmerli “prove their deep legal knowledge and awareness of clients’ business needs, risks and opportunities. They work thoroughly and creatively, and always propose solutions that are in line with the client’s commercial wishes and expectations”. In the words of one satisfied rights holder: “We could not imagine a better service provider in the field of trademark law.” Madeleine Schim van der Loeff runs the highly acclaimed division and is the recipient of effusive praise herself: “An extremely dynamic professional who is zealous about her work and highly experienced in her field, Madeleine is a charm to collaborate with. She achieves highly positive results and her client-facing skills are outstanding – as is her ability to manage expectations effectively. Her energy, enthusiasm and die-hard attitude make her a winner and a great practitioner.” Also on the non-contentious side, Stefan Keehnen is “reliable, efficient and excellent at finding straightforward solutions”. There are no gaps in Weinmann Zimmerli’s 360-degree service with enforcement aces Conrad Weinmann, Alban Shabani, Marco Handle and Fabian Wigger on deck. “Conrad and Alban provide pragmatic, detailed and easy-to-understand advice in short turnaround times, regardless of how complex the enquiry may be. They provide peace of mind in challenging situations.” Handle is lauded as a “super-talented and strong attorney”; while Wigger “impresses with his quick thinking, solutions-oriented approach and large network of international attorneys. He is very responsive and always friendly in his communications”.

Alban Shabani's Profile

Alban Shabani (master’s degree in law from the University of St Gallen School of Management, Economics, Law, Social Sciences and International Affairs; attorney at law) has been a member of WEINMANN ZIMMERLI since the firm’s founding. Mr Shabani’s expertise covers contentious and non-contentious matters. For over a decade he has specialised in IP law and unfair competition law, with a focus on cross-border litigation as well as trademark, patent and unfair competition litigation. His practice also encompasses advising clients on commercial matters, especially contract drafting and negotiations (eg, licence and distribution agreements). Mr Shabani further supports his clients in the strategic and operative implementation of IP-related projects, as well as IP-portfolio management.

Clients appreciate Mr Shabani’s analytical approach to handling legal issues combined with a pragmatic solution delivery. In court and contract negotiations, he has a talent for finding common ground, which facilitates finding amicable solutions. Yet, he is fierce in defending his clients’ interests and tackles heated disputes rigorously.


  • 2015 junior partner at WEINMANN ZIMMERLI, Zurich
  • 2013 attorney at law at WEINMANN ZIMMERLI, Zurich
  • 2009 lawyer at a corporate law firm in Zurich

Mr Shabani is registered in the attorney’s register of the Canton of Zurich and thus admitted to practise before all Swiss courts as an attorney at law.

He speaks German, English, French and Albanian.

Firm Profile

WEINMANN ZIMMERLI is a leading Zurich-based Swiss IP firm specialising in Swiss and international trademark, patent, copyright, licence and design law, as well as unfair competition and antitrust law. The firm is a full-service IP boutique that covers prosecution and litigation matters. WEINMANN ZIMMERLI is known for its unique approach to client relations, which aims to create a level of trust and constant exchange between client and attorney to ensure the best possible legal advice and convincing solutions that are tailored to the clients’ needs. This, combined with our team of excellent legal practitioners, has made WEINMANN ZIMMERLI one of the fastest growing IP firms in Switzerland.


WEINMANN ZIMMERLI’s professionals have been providing legal advice on IP-related matters and disputes for the past 30 years. They have a well-balanced mix of experience, talent, creativity and innovativeness. They believe in their way of rendering legal services and, therefore, keep a flat hierarchy to ensure and promote the exchange of ideas between partners and associates. WEINMANN ZIMMERLI promotes excellence and strives to be at the cutting edge of factual and legal developments, which is reflected by their professionals’ frequent publications, among other things. This atmosphere enables them to provide their clients with individualised solutions to maximise the value of their IP portfolios and ensure protection and enforcement of their rights in Switzerland, the European Union and worldwide. This is possible because of the close relationship between clients and professionals, which is developed by having a single professional point of contact at WEINMANN ZIMMERLI to handle clients’ issues, who works closely with their legal team and well-established worldwide correspondent network.

IP strategy and prosecution

WEINMANN ZIMMERLI advises and develops, together with its clients, their IP strategy, choosing with them the best option to protect their IP portfolios. They also handle the implementation of such strategies through the registration, monitoring and prosecution of trademarks, designs and patents on a national, European and international level, as well as through portfolio management and the provision of the full range of domain name-related services. Furthermore, WEINMANN ZIMMERLI advises its clients on IT-related matters with a special focus on the legal questions concerning the Internet of things.

IP enforcement

Since its inception, the firm’s specialised litigation team has successfully enforced its clients’ IP rights against infringers, as well as protecting them against unwelcome claims. In particular, WEINMANN ZIMMERLI’s litigation team is specialised in trademark, trade name, trade dress, copyright, design, patent, licensing, unfair competition, trade secret and antitrust conflicts. Additionally, their professionals are experts in mediation and settlement negotiations. They represent clients before all Swiss courts and authorities and coordinate international disputes. This is in addition to offering specialised expertise in anti-counterfeiting actions and taking care of import and export issues for their clients. WEINMANN ZIMMERLI is also known for successfully taking on challenging cases and handling cross-border litigation.

IP valuation and exploitation

Valuation and exploitation of IP rights are cornerstones of creating and upholding IP rights. Accordingly, the firm’s professionals have the necessary expertise to evaluate their clients’ trademarks, patents and designs according to international standards. With respect to the exploitation of IP rights, WEINMANN ZIMMERLI’s team has successfully drafted and negotiated contracts for its clients, such as licence, distribution and sponsorships agreements, as well as contracts between owners and users of art and social media, which also includes terms and conditions for operating online and offline business.

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