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“We also can always trust AWA Asia to give our client’s practical and efficient advice in China when called upon,” reports one committed counsel. The feedback from patrons is equally effusive: “They are on top of their game. It is the customised and personalised advice that makes them such an ideal partner”. The European IP establishment, which is over one century old, has an enviable China practice, headed by Hong Kong-based Ai-Leen Lim. The combination of specialised industry expertise and cross-continent market insight means that the team enjoys great success in the China IP portfolio management space and offers one of the most holistic protection schemes on the market. Under Lim’s stewardship, it assures clients that the quality of work will never be compromised. Her testimonials from service users and foreign correspondences are stellar: “She truly embodies everything I value and need when I look for an IP partner in China”. “Ai-Leen Lim is my most trusted foreign associate and I am honoured to call her a friend after all of the time and cases we have worked on together.”

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