Adolfo Athié

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Gold - Individuals: enforcement and litigation

Full-service outfit Basham, Ringe y Correa is an undisputed member of the top tier when it comes to intellectual property. Its presence in four locations across Mexico – Mexico City, Monterrey, Queretaro and Leon – put it in immediate reach of domestic rights holders. As the Lex Mundi member firm for Mexico, it gives its local clients ready access to a high-quality global network while also making itself a Central American go-to for a host of international law firms and companies. There are many prestigious lawyers on its roster including Eduardo Kleinberg, head of the trademark, franchising and licensing practices, and fellow gold-ranked lawyers Martín Michaus and Adolfo Athié, who distinguish themselves as litigation masterminds. Other essential contacts for the address book are Juan Carlos Hernández and Eduardo Castañeda, both dexterous all-rounders.

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