Aaron T Olejniczak

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Venerable Wisconsin boutique Andrus maintains a vibrant trademark prosecution practice which registers and maintains many US marks, and collaborates with carefully selected foreign associates to safeguard rights globally. The set is also tried and tested in litigation: at every stage of a case – be it a federal litigation or TTAB proceeding –  its seasoned advocates know what levers to pull to turn things in their favour. The hands-on approach of prosecution and licensing-focused partner Joseph Kuborn and litigator Aaron Olejniczak ensures that clients get top-level attention on their files. With a strategic, business-focused mindset, Kuborn also demonstrates exceptional precision and an eye for detail in his work, which helps him manage large portfolios with ease. Olejniczak has a gift for looking into the future and helping brand owners avoid problems before they blow up; with him on board, the firm can significantly reduce the risk of disputes arising through its counsel. Both are proficient in the patent and trademark domains; as is Peter Holsen, who is warmly recommended as a trusted adviser: “Pete’s work is accurate and timely, and he is a true partner to his clients when it comes to developing worldwide trademark strategies.”

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