Aaron T Olejniczak

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The WTR 1000 focuses exclusively on trademark practice and has firmly established itself as the definitive 'go-to' resource for those seeking world-class legal trademark expertise

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Andrus’s holistic trademark service comprehensively addresses all branding issues, thanks to close collaboration and alignment between its prosecution and litigation specialists. On the prosecution and licensing side, a stand-out attorney is Peter Holsen, who attracts enthusiastic praise from the market: “Peter is extremely reliable and a great pleasure to partner with. His work is always high quality, well structured, clearly understandable and on point. He has extensive know-how in trademark law and is extremely thorough and proactive in how he handles matters. With Peter, you know you are in safe hands.” Joseph Kuborn is another discerning choice for strategic brand advice; he brings contentious experience and cultivated negotiation skills to the table, enabling him to tease out the knots of complex trademark scenarios. When it comes to litigation, Aaron Olejniczak has an instinct for the best arguments and approaches that will swiftly bring about business resolutions.

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