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Established in 2006 by a strong band of IP experts, Zoomlaw registers and takes care of a sizeable number of trademarks across multiple jurisdictions. It draws on the talents from academic high achievers and top universities graduates to provide top-notch industry insights and technical expertise. Leading the line is managing partner Kuo-Hua Fan, who specialises in Sino-Taiwanese cross-strait IP portfolio management and litigation matters. His breadth of legal knowledge extends beyond trademark law into trade secrets, arbitration and cross-border investment.

Firm Profile

Zoomlaw Attorneys-at-Law is a Taiwan-based full-service law firm established in 2006 by Kuo-Hua Fan, who specialises in corporate legal affairs and risk management for global groups regarding international trading, investment, business operation, global IP affairs, and business strategy planning and implementation.

Headquartered in Taipei with branches in Hsinchu (middle Taiwan) and Suzhou (China), Zoomlaw can assist clients in both Taiwan and China with all their global trademark and patent filing and litigation needs.

The key factor that distinguishes Zoomlaw from its peers is the prominent experience in IP areas. Zoomlaw possesses abundant global trademark and patent experience, and has strong partnership with worldwide IP agents and firms. This enables the firm to provide first-hand practical legal opinions to clients in an efficient manner.

Zoomlaw files a large amount of domestic and foreign trademark and patent applications for global clients every year. Based on its lawyers’ cumulative practical IP expertise, Zoomlaw has published a series of practice manuals regarding the trademark application system of a number of countries – namely, those that are part of China’s Belt and Road Initiative, the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership and the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement. Our ambition is to translate our abundant professional IP knowledge into practical manuals that are easy to read for our clients and peers. 

Zoomlaw also boasts a team of experienced patent engineers whose technical backgrounds cover:

  • semiconductors;
  • integrated circuit design;
  • power generation;
  • manufacturing;
  • electric engineering;
  • software;
  • internet;
  • e-commerce;
  • telecommunication;
  • optoelectronics;
  • nanotechnology;
  • pharmaceuticals;
  • biotechnology; and
  • medical devices, among others.

Our professional engineers can provide all types of practical patent counselling.


Areas of IP expertise

Zoomlaw’s key areas of IP expertise include:

  • registration and enforcement of trademarks, patents, and copyrights;
  • licensing and franchising;
  • civil, criminal, and administrative lawsuits;
  • anti-counterfeiting and tailor-made strategies;
  • trademark mapping and patent mapping;
  • market monitoring;
  • investigation and raid actions;
  • customs recordation of IP rights, customs seizures;
  • online enforcement actions;
  • registration and recovery of domain names;
  • advertising law, compliance and legal actions; and
  • commercial arbitration.

Zoomlaw has been:

  • recommended for intellectual property/IP prosecution/dispute resolution by Legal 500 Asia Pacific every year since 2016;
  • named a notable and recommended law firm by Asialaw Profiles every year since 2017; and
  • listed as a recognised law firm by IFLR 1000 every year since 2017.
  • recognized as IP Expert by AsiaIP ince 2020.

In addition, Dr Fan has been nominated as a Leading Lawyer by Asialaw every year since 2017.

Dr Fan is an officially appointed legal and business consultant for Taiwan-China cross-strait commerce, as well as a listed arbitrator of the Chinese Arbitration Association. He obtained an LLM from UC Berkeley and a PhD from the China University of Political Science and Law. Dr Fan is adjunct assistant professor at the law schools of Taiwan Shih Hsin University, Tatung University, National Chiao Tung University and National Tsing Hua University in Taiwan, and China University of Political Science and Law in China.


Areas of practice

Zoomlaw is a boutique full-service law firm with a strong reputation in intellectual property, litigation and corporate legal counselling. Its core service covers the enforcement and protection of every type of intellectual property, including trademarks, trade names, domain names, copyrights, patents and trade secrets. It also has a resourceful legal department that handles:

  • litigation;
  • alternative dispute resolution;
  • mergers & acquisitions;
  • foreign investment;
  • labour law;
  • legal compliance;
  • telecommunication;
  • media and technology; and
  • customer-tailored legal counselling.
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