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The WTR 1000 focuses exclusively on trademark practice and has firmly established itself as the definitive 'go-to' resource for those seeking world-class legal trademark expertise.

Bronze - Firms: prosecution and strategy

Flawless performances in prosecution, portfolio management and enforcement scenarios make Zivko Mijatovic & Partners a force to be reckoned throughout the continent. It dispenses high-quality legal counsel across its 15 offices, and the Spanish branch is a vital cog in this well-calibrated machine. The name to note is Dolores Cañadas Arcas, whose “timely and accurate advice” is infused with a “business-focused and cost-effective approach”. “She is always available when you need her and is outstanding in her role as local counsel.”

Gold - Firms

A prime pick for brand owners with interests across the Balkans and Eastern Europe, Zivko Mijatovic & Partners (ZMP) is lauded for its 360-degree offering and vast geographical coverage – all of which can be conveniently accessed through a single point of contact. Its customs package – which ensures that all applications, seizures and destructions are dealt with from one location – comes in for special praise: “ZMP has an excellent understanding of local laws and policies, reacts quickly and takes the time to explain matters in detail, in a way that is relevant and easily understandable.” Captaining the legal division, Vladimir Marenović is “an insightful and inspiring practitioner who truly cares for his clients – you can always reach a win-win solution with him. Vladimir is a true gentleman”. A distinguished figure on the market and a talisman at the firm, Djura Mijatovic has done much to advance the IP conversation in Serbia and further afield. On the non-contentious front, Ivana Bajić acquits herself with distinction when managing portfolios both large and small.

Silver - Firms

Agile outfit ZMP offers “prompt, business-friendly advice” and is a first choice for a litany of domestic and international brands. The team provides the full suite of trademark services, from prosecution to enforcement, and has cemented its position at the vanguard of the fight against fakes. Bulgaria’s location at the outer edges of the EU makes it a highly strategic jurisdiction when it comes to anti-counterfeiting campaigns and the team capitalises on this to full effect. Holding the reins is Tsvetomira Vasileva, a constant source of inspiration and motivation for both the team and the wider market: “She acts quickly and consistently, looks out for cost-effective and efficient solutions, and provides clear and commercial advice.”

Gold - Firms

ZMP is a go-to source for all things trademarks in the Balkans: “It provides exceptionally high-level advice on brand protection; communicates quickly and efficiently; sticks to deadlines; and is flexible in more practical areas such as billing”. The Croatian branch effortlessly covers all bases for patrons, including comprehensive portfolio management, bespoke enforcement strategies and cross-border anti-counterfeiting programmes. Its trademark practitioners “impress for their professionalism, diligence and cost effectiveness. They have an excellent understanding of IP law and see the importance of building strong ties with law enforcement agencies”. Setting the tone from the top, the “responsive, trustworthy and dependable” Ivana Knežević has made significant contributions both to the firm’s prosecution efforts and to its anti-counterfeiting capabilities. She acts as operational lead for ZMP’s multi-jurisdictional practice and her deep understanding of customs regulations in myriad jurisdictions is a major draw. “Ivana is dedicated to her clients and communicating with her is easy and efficient”. Bolstering the firm’s litigation and enforcement offering is Luka Jelčić, who puts in polished performances for players in the automotive and pharmaceutical industries.

Bronze - Firms: prosecution and strategy

Through a single point of contact, Zivko Mijatovic & Partners (ZMP) provides seamless prosecution, portfolio management and enforcement services to both foreign and domestic rights holders in the 15 countries from which it operates. It is a preferred choice for brand owners seeking support with customs applications, seizures and the destruction of counterfeit goods, thanks to its tailor-made customs package. The Polish contingent has established itself as a solid base for clients; and with the entire ZMP network behind it, it can promptly assist and advise on concerns involving other territories. Managing director Joanna Szota has been crucial to its development and clients are grateful for her support: “You know you are in safe hands with Joanna and the team. They don’t work on a one-size-fits-all basis, which I greatly appreciate.” As a Polish attorney with experience at the EUIPO, “Joanna is better than anyone on multi-jurisdictional strategies. She understands the differences between European and Polish office practices, and she enjoys solving complex problems”.

Silver - Firms: prosecution and strategy

Silver - Firms: enforcement and litigation

Providing pan-continental IP services through a network of 15 offices across Southeast Europe, ZMP Intellectual Property is a prime pick for household-name multinationals whose interests transcend borders. The Romanian trademark team works in perfect synchronicity with its counterparts elsewhere through close collaboration and judicious use of systems such as an integrated cloud-based file-sharing tool; smart portfolio management and uncompromising enforcement campaigns are the order of the day. Dual-qualified attorney at law and trademark attorney Monica Novac runs the show, splitting her time between Bucharest and Spain. The versatile practitioner covers trademarks and IT as well as related areas of commercial law, and is a safe bet at every step of the trademark lifecycle.

Silver - Firms

A stalwart of the Balkans and Eastern Europe, Zivko Mijatovic & Partners (ZMP) offers “a responsive, quick and detailed service” from 15 bases in the region. “It’s extremely clear that ZMP is dedicated to its clients: it keeps them posted on legal developments, updates everyone involved across all the matters it works on and makes clear the chances of success in each matter.” While the ensemble ably traverses the contentious/non-contentious divide, special attention should be drawn to its customs package, with customs applications, seizures and destruction measures all handled through a single point of contact. “Excellent project manager and leader” Metka Malis Furlan is “hardworking and wonderfully organised. She responds to requests quickly and has a fantastic communicative approach with colleagues and clients. Metka is always up to date with the latest IP developments and greatly contributes to professional discussions” – most recently, she led the debate on Slovenia’s customs measures.

Bronze - Firms

A discerning choice for companies with branding interests throughout Central and Eastern Europe, Zivko Mijatovic & Partners has boots on the ground in 15 countries and provides clients with a 360-degree service across the region through a single point of contact. A major USP is the firm’s formidable anti-counterfeiting and customs package; but the Bratislava contingent also shines brightly in opposition proceedings. The key point of contact at the local level is Michaela Handrejchova.

Bronze - Firms

“Warmly recommended to any firm or individual looking to protect their IP in the Czech Republic and the EU more widely”, Zivko Mijatovic & Partners deploys a wall-to-wall service across 15 countries in Central and Eastern Europe through a single point of contact. The side leverages this deep regional coverage to deliver crisp results in the fight against fakes, while keeping things efficient and cost effective. A key contact is Michaela Handrejchova, “a detail-oriented, knowledgeable and communicative attorney who is wonderful to collaborate with”.

Firm Profile

Zivko Mijatovic & Partners (ZMP) is a full-service IP law firm. Through its network of offices across Central and Eastern Europe, it can provide overall protection of all IP rights, including prosecution and enforcement. Further, ZMP’s Alicante office can provide all legal services in relation to European trademarks and designs, as well as IP legal services in Spain.

ZMP’s extensive presence in Central and Eastern Europe means that clients receive an immediate and simultaneous service across the region, simply by contacting one of the offices. This ability makes ZMP unique in the region.


The firm was established in 1939 in Belgrade, Yugoslavia, as a general practice law firm. It has grown progressively and today consists of 15 offices in 14 European countries. The firm serves its clients through its network of offices covering the Balkan Peninsula and Central and Eastern Europe. Over the past 30 years, ZMP’s primary activity has been the protection, through prosecution and litigation, of all IP rights.


ZMP offers the full range of IP services in the areas of patents, designs, copyright and trademarks. The firm provides legal assistance and advice on the protection of IP rights and their management and enforcement across Central and Eastern Europe.

These services include:

·         filing and prosecution of IP rights;

·         searches and watching services;

·         IP portfolio management;

·         dispute resolution; and

·         advice and representation in infringement and enforcement matters.

ZMP is particularly active in providing expert advice and legal assistance in matters of counterfeiting and piracy. ZMP and its attorneys are authorised to represent clients before judicial authorities, IP offices, customs offices and the different administrative authorities of the countries in which the firm’s offices are located.

Anti-counterfeiting activities

With a population of over 20 million across seven jurisdictions, the Western Balkans are fertile ground for the production and distribution of counterfeit goods. The region includes Croatia, which became the newest EU member on 1 July 2013, as well as Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia – all of which hope to accede to the European Union.

Legislation is similar across the region and continually adjusted to conform to EU law. However, issues still arise in combating counterfeit goods because of a lack of resources and inaction on the part of the authorities. Due to its geographical location, the area is well connected to other countries and continents. It sits at a junction of land and sea transportation routes and is becoming a gateway to the EU market.

Rights holders are advised to consider the measures available across the region and contemplate implementing a strategy that recognises the root of the problem and provides a long-term solution. The need for a swift response should be seen as an incentive rather than an obstacle to solving the problem of counterfeiting. The best approach is not to try to solve problems at a micro level (eg, focusing on only one shipment), but rather to implement a border strategy covering the wider region. The countries of the Western Balkans should be considered as a single region.

Thanks to its network of tightly linked local offices, ZMP is uniquely positioned to devise cross-jurisdictional strategies to combat counterfeiting

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