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Bronze - Firms: prosecution and strategy

“Across Europe, ZMP is a dependable and customer-focused name for intellectual property needs. No matter where you require assistance, it delivers a proactive, flexible and cost-effective service, and the team consistently conducts comprehensive and thorough analyses of the market that close any legislative gaps.” In Poland, managing attorney Joanna Szota draws on her experience working at the EUIPO to provide strategic and pragmatic counsel on trademark protection and enforcement. She is joined in the guide this year by Tomasz Rychlicki, a trusted counsellor who is adept at bringing matters to a successful close across a variety of industries.


Gold - Firms

Tailor-made, cost-efficient solutions are hallmarks of the practice at Zivko Mijatovic & Partners (ZMP). Tipped as “the best IP team in the country”, the Serbian contingent of multinational ZMP “is a one-stop shop for top-notch advice and is home to a team of highly qualified, responsive and dedicated attorneys, who possess incredible knowledge and problem-solving capabilities. We can completely rely on the legal experts at ZMP.” Captaining the team is Vladimir Marenović, “a client favourite and fierce negotiator who draws on his detailed knowledge of trademark law and understanding of the Serbian environment to provide clients with the most practical and functional trademark advice. Vladimir has an impressive reputation and is completely devoted to his clients’ needs.” Another key contact is Djura Mijatovic, who has an abundance of experience protecting and enforcing trademarks across Central and Eastern Europe, and currently oversees the whole network of ZMP offices throughout the continent.

Gold - Firms

Eastern European powerhouse Zivko Mijatovic & Partners is a premier choice for brand owners due to its renowned comprehensive offering, broad geographical reach, and impressive anti-counterfeiting and customs package — all of which is accessible through a single point of contact. “Its presence in multiple jurisdictions allows it to handle international projects efficiently, and the team is proactive in proposing winning strategies.” In Zagreb, ZMP has been defending and enforcing patrons’ rights for more than three decades, and with Ivana Knežević at the helm, “it has quickly established a solid reputation in Croatia. Ivana is incredibly smart, and she can break down even the trickiest trademark issues into easily to understand solutions”.

Bronze - Firms

Full-service Zivko Mijatovic & Partners offers a broad spectrum of IP services across Central and Eastern Europe. The firm adeptly handles cross-border instructions, owing to the streamlined communication between its 15 offices spanning the continent. The Czech contingent comes warmly recommended, particularly in the anti-counterfeiting arena: “Zivko Mijatovic & Partners has successfully conducted hundreds of seizures of counterfeit products, and they are a great ally for anyone looking to protect their IP rights from infringement.”

Silver - Firms

Zivko Mijatovic & Partners are a sophisticated choice for businesses with branding interests in Central and Eastern Europe, as they provide all-encompassing support in 15 countries through a single point of contact. The outfit makes use of its vast geographical coverage to position itself as a leading partner in the fight against fakes. Captaining the ship in Bulgaria, Tsvetomira Vasileva reaps high praise from her patrons: “We have worked with Tsvetomira for over a decade and it has always been a pleasure. She has a strong, customer-focused mindset and thinks together with us and our company. Her expertise, diligence and thorough understanding of intellectual property never fails to impress us.” “Tsvetomira is able to provide clear strategic direction and support, thanks to her extensive knowledge of local and international law, and she is constantly driven to find a workable solution.”

Silver - Firms: prosecution and strategy

Silver - Firms: enforcement and litigation

With 15 offices in 14 countries, Živko Mijatovic & Partners’ European offering is difficult to compete with. Its cradle-to-grave IP offering is tailored to each patron, who can rely upon the firm’s thorough, innovative and specialised lawyers to solve any matter. Registrations, litigation and anti-counterfeiting support are just some of the services on offer. Monica Novac is the leading light in Romania. “Monica is an extremely strong professional who always tries to obtain the best results for her clients. She is a great communicator and negotiator, is very determined and has a vast knowledge of trademark law. Monica’s advice is practical and concise, and the cost structure is clear from the outset.”

Bronze - Firms

Zivko Mijatovic & Partners is highly sought after for support across Central and Eastern Europe. Leveraging its 15 offices across the region, the set provides “consistently thoughtful and detailed advice” to an impressive roster of domestic and international clients. Sources speak highly of the firm’s “clear communication style and proactive, flexible and cost-effective services”.

Silver - Firms

One of the top draws from across the ZMP network is Metka Malis Furlan, who anchors the practice in Slovenia. She garners outstanding reviews from the market, with one source commenting: “We have been using ZMP for more than a decade and working with Metka for several years. Metka is amazing in terms of her diligence and work ethic and her performance is consistently impressive. Always available and punctual, she successfully completes multiple assignments in good time despite considerable deadline pressure.” The set established its Ljubljana office in 2004 and has built up an excellent track record in the market, with anti-counterfeiting being one of its strong suits. Further, the firm’s customs package by which it handles customs applications, seizures and destructions of fake goods across the region is hugely popular.

Bronze - Firms: prosecution and strategy

The Spanish office of Eastern European powerhouse Zivko Mijatovic & Partners is an important cog in the ensemble’s well-oiled machine. Lauded for its 360-degree offering, the group has outstanding success protecting trademarks, managing portfolios, and enforcing rights throughout the region. The name to note is Dolores Cañadas Arcas, who sees trademarks in the broader context as a well-rounded IP agent. “Dolores is characterised by an professional and proactive approach, as well as an ability to foresee potential risks and how to best avoid them. This is the key to her and her service user’s success.”

Firm Profile

Živko Mijatović & Partners (ZMP) is a full-service IP law firm. Through its network of offices across Central and Eastern Europe, it can provide overall protection for all IP rights, covering both prosecution and enforcement. Further, ZMP’s Alicante office can provide all legal services in relation to European trademarks and designs, as well as IP legal services in Spain.

ZMP’s extensive presence in Central and Eastern Europe means that clients receive an immediate and simultaneous service across the region, simply by contacting one of the offices.

A single point of contact, a flawless and constant level of service throughout all offices, in-depth knowledge of local and regional legal frameworks, markets, politics and culture, and seasoned professionals with years of extensive experience make ZMP stand out.


The firm was established in 1939 in Belgrade, Yugoslavia, as a general-practice law firm. It has grown progressively and today consists of 15 offices in 14 European countries. The firm serves its clients through its network of offices covering the Balkan Peninsula and Central and Eastern Europe. Over the past 30 years, ZMP’s primary activity has been the protection, through prosecution and litigation, of all IP rights.


ZMP offers the full range of IP services in the areas of patents, designs, copyright and trademarks. The firm provides legal assistance and advice on the protection of IP rights and their management and enforcement across Central and Eastern Europe.

These services include:

  • filing and prosecution of IP rights;
  • searches and watching services;
  • IP portfolio management;
  • dispute resolution; and
  • advice and representation in infringement and enforcement matters.

ZMP is particularly active in providing expert advice and legal assistance in matters of counterfeiting and piracy. ZMP and its attorneys are authorised to represent clients before judicial authorities, IP offices, customs offices and the different administrative authorities of the countries in which the firm’s offices are located.

Anti-counterfeiting activities

With a population of over 20 million across seven jurisdictions, the Western Balkans are fertile ground for the production and distribution of counterfeit goods. The region includes Croatia, which became the newest EU member on 1 July 2013, as well as Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia – all of which hope to accede to the European Union.

Legislation is similar across the region and continually adjusted to conform to EU law. However, issues still arise in combating counterfeit goods because of a lack of resources and inaction on the part of the authorities. Due to its geographical location, the area is well connected to other countries and continents. It sits at a junction of land and sea transportation routes and is becoming a gateway to the EU market.

Rights holders are advised to consider the measures available across the region and contemplate implementing a strategy that recognises the root of the problem and provides a long-term solution. The need for a swift response should be seen as an incentive rather than an obstacle to solving the problem of counterfeiting. The best approach is not to try to solve problems at a micro level (eg, focusing on only one shipment), but rather to implement a border strategy covering the wider region. The countries of the Western Balkans should be considered as a single region.

Thanks to its network of tightly linked local offices, ZMP is uniquely positioned to devise cross-jurisdictional strategies to combat counterfeiting.

ZMP’s network covers the protection of EU trademarks and provides a full IP services in 15 countries – namely, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Poland, Romania, Serbia, the Slovak Republic, Slovenia and Spain.


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