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Wall-to-wall brand protection is the end goal of Zacco – and with 500-plus staff operating out of 30 offices, it has the wherewithal to achieve it. The IP giant never rests on its laurels, but continually innovates and adapts its offering to the needs of patrons; most recently, it added cybersecurity, software, tech law and data protection legal service lines to its already robust trademark offering. Heading up the Denmark and South Sweden operations, Thomas Mølsgaard nimbly traverses the contentious/non-contentious divide. The owner of some 7,000 active marks, Arla Foods relies on him for effective filing strategies, prosecution and enforcement; while Chanel has appointed him as the main agent for its matters in the Nordics. Versatile operator Heidi Rehné enforces the rights of celebrated Danish design company Hoptimist and protects its 3D trademark. In the words of one satisfied client: “Heidi is pragmatic in her approach and proactively safeguards our interests.” Fabio Pezzolato, Lone Prehn and Knud Wallberg have recently been devising effective strategies and handling prosecution and enforcement matters on a global scale for Lego Systems. Pezzolato is hailed for his willingness to go the extra mile; while Prehn is “a joy to work with. She is bright, reliable and extremely thorough, which means that her advice is just brilliant. Lone is one of the leaders in Denmark for prosecution work”. Also the recipient of warm praise, “Knud is super-knowledgeable and always finds the perfect solution for his clients”.

Silver - Firms: prosecution and strategy

Innovation is the name of the game for IP giant Zacco; it consistently adapts to the ever-changing needs of its clientele and has recently added cybersecurity, software, tech law and GDPR legal service lines to its already comprehensive trademark offering. It has significant man-power too, with 500-plus employees operating out of 30 offices, meaning that large-scale mandates are handled effortlessly. “Claes Agnvall is absolutely first class”, enthuses one peer. The senior partner and legal department manager plies more than three decades of experience to secure the interests of his clients by way of persuasive performances in opposition proceedings. Martin Tranälv showcases impressive range in his practice but cross-border skirmishes and lucrative licensing deals are a particular forte.

Silver - Firms: prosecution and strategy

With 500-plus employees operating in perfect sync across 30 offices and a razor-sharp focus on innovation, Zacco is an unstoppable force on the Nordic market. The IP powerhouse consistently adapts its service to best support its high-flying clientele, most recently adding cybersecurity, software, tech law and General Data Protection Regulation legal service lines to its already comprehensive trademark offering. Senior partner and versatile practitioner Frode André Moen “provides quick and clear advice, and is nice and easy to collaborate with”. He has recently been devising strategies for Monster Energy Company and prosecuting marks for the Bank of America. Working alongside him are Tone Tangevald-Jensen and Per Vegard Bergheim, who have also been busy acting for some of the firm’s A-list patrons. Tangevald-Jensen capitalises on over two decades in the game to devise robust filing programmes for the likes of PepsiCo and Novartis; while Vegard Bergheim is counsellor of choice to Jotun on both sides of the contentious/non-contentious divide.

Firm Profile

Zacco is a modern, full-service IP firm with a 360-degree approach to intellectual property, covering patent filing, trademark registration and design protection to software development, digital brand protection, cybersecurity and portfolio management.

By combining the traditional IP disciplines with cybersecurity, software development and digital brands, Zacco takes care of its clients’ ideas, innovations, data, identity – and all other intangible assets. We protect them, give our clients ownership and make them theirs to keep – now and in the future.

Zacco is present throughout Scandinavia, Germany, the United Kingdom and India, and has more than 30 local offices. Through an extensive network of preferred partners around the world and internal resources, Zacco represents and assists its clients in almost all jurisdictions.

Zacco has more than 500 employees and has experts in all aspects of intellectual property, including a large number of experienced patent, trademark and design attorneys, as well as attorneys at laws, paralegals, IT specialists and software developers.

Work areas

Due to its size, Zacco has specialists in almost all areas of intellectual property.

Its patent practice serves all industries with filing and prosecution, freedom-to-operate, validity and infringement opinions and has a special focus on European patent practice, including oppositions and appeals before the EPO.

In particular, Zacco has succeeded in setting up a patent litigation support team that is unsurpassed in Scandinavia. The team has supported lawyers throughout Scandinavia and beyond, acting for companies such as Pfizer, Eli Lilly, Monsanto, AstraZeneca, SanofiAventis and GlaxoSmithKline.

Its trademark practice assists all industries with filing and prosecution, availability and infringement opinions and has a special focus on European trademark practice, including oppositions, cancellations and appeals before the EUIPO.

A number of companies, including in the fast-moving consumer goods industry, have outsourced the management of their trademark portfolios to Zacco, which – thanks to a well-established infrastructure and economies of scale – can offer a cost-efficient alternative to an in-sourced solution.

In contrast to most other IP firms in Scandinavia, alongside its patent and trademark services, Zacco also provides the full range of IP legal services. These services are offered by a cooperation of law firms and lawyers working and sharing offices with Zacco throughout Scandinavia and in Germany.

The legal practice serves all industries with legal advice and assistance in connection with the drafting and negotiation of contracts relating to intellectual property, technology, advertising and e-commerce, litigation, domain name conflict resolution, establishment of customs surveillance and other measures for the prevention or combat of counterfeiting.

Zacco’s lawyers have successfully represented international clients in proceedings before national courts and the European Court of Justice.

Zacco is constantly evolving and adjusting to its surroundings. With a recent broadening of its scope of services, Zacco is focused on meeting the implications and possibilities of digitalisation. This broadening involves applying a 360-degree perspective on intellectual property, including cybersecurity and software. These additional areas include a number of specific services with the overall purpose of guarding all intangible assets of Zacco’s clients.

Due to its size and the number of employees, Zacco provides tailor-made client teams in almost all industries and across geographical boundaries.


We have a long history as an international IP firm dating back to 1870. After a merger in 2001 – between Hofman-Bang in Denmark, Stockholm Patentbyrå in Sweden and Bryns Patentkontor in Norway – the company adopted the name Zacco after one of its founders, Knut Yngve Zacco.

In July 2009 Zacco merged with the longstanding and well-known IP consultancy Albihns, forming the company Albihns.Zacco. In September 2012 the name was changed to Zacco. In 2016 the Gothenburg-based company Cegumark merged with Zacco. This long-term growth strategy has resulted in one of Europe’s largest and most experienced IP firms.

Value proposition

Our vision is to secure and protect our clients’ entire innovation process and intangible assets. With our technical and legal expertise and experience, we want to guard our clients’ innovations and make them reach their full potential and development.

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