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“Yoon & Lee is always reliable and thoroughly understands clients’ needs. It has a strong respect for time sensitivity, and takes extra steps to understand our business and brainstorm the most appropriate ways to protect our trademarks,” states one happy market source.  For over three decades, Yoon & Lee has excelled in a wide range of IP matters. Recently, it has added litigation to its extensive offer. The compact size of the team ensures that each and every patron will be assisted by a seasoned practitioner. Under the guidance of Sang-Yong Lee, a former KIPO trademark examiner and trial examiner at the Korea patent tribunal with 30 years’ IP experience, the trademark team thoroughly attends to each matter and achieves a high success rate with a low number of office actions. US-licensed attorney Jaewon Yoon adds an international spin to the cases and is adept at dealing with domestic and overseas trademark issues. “Jaewon Yoon is very professional and always quick to assist. She is a pleasure to work with.”

Firm Profile

Yoon & Lee was founded in 1989 and offers a comprehensive range of services for IP rights, including trademarks and designs. The firm is renowned for both its ability to foster long-term relationships with clients, based on its emphasis on client trust and satisfaction, as well as for its large number of technical experts. The managing partner is a past president of both the Korean Patent Attorneys Association and the Korean Region Group of the Asian Patent Attorneys Association, as well as ex-president of the Intellectual Property Forum.


Trademark and design services

Satisfying a wide range of clients in various sectors

The firm provides a wide range of trademark and design services, which has enabled it to act for businesses in all sectors – from established global organisations to small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as a globally expanding franchise operation. It also has a range of clients both in terms of geographical distribution and industrial sectors, with particular experience in cosmetics, software, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, the internet and online, and food and beverage. In Korea, Yoon & Lee has developed a longstanding relationship with one of Korea’s major healthcare and beauty product companies, to which it provides search and registration services in a wide range of global markets, as well as representing the company at cancellation and invalidation trials in Korea.


Trademark and design team

Small in size, big in experience

The trademark team is a tight-knit group that is able to provide excellent and individualised services to all clients. In particular, it has very strong expertise in Korean trademark practices as the head of the team is a former trademark examiner and trial examiner at the Korea Intellectual Patent Office with more than 30 years of experience in the IP area.

The team also includes a US attorney with almost 10 years of experience dealing with trademark issues in Korea, as well as having undertaken in-depth studies in relation to copyright, trademarks and designs in the United States. This enables the team to provide a global perspective and to meet the requirements and expectations of its international clients. Litigation activities are supported by the inclusion of a Korean attorney at law in the team.

Services are provided in English, Korean and Japanese.


Efficient and economical service

Highest quality at reasonable cost

A particular strength of the team is its ability to prosecute trademark applications seamlessly. By conducting detailed investigations on a potential trademark and possible risks based on the team’s knowledge and experience of the trademark examination process, the firm’s professionals reduce the possibility of receiving office actions. Clients benefit from a smoother, quicker and more economical process made possible by the experience of the team members, with the team head, in particular, able to draw on his previous career as a trademark examiner. Deep knowledge of Korean trademark practices also enables the firm to provide the best solutions for protecting its clients’ IP rights and, among other services, representing clients in trials and assignments.

The team’s relatively small size also means that all clients benefit from direct input from the most experienced professionals rather than cases being handled by junior staff. The cost of the firm’s high-quality services, however, remains moderate compared with major law firms.


Summary of team services


  • filing and prosecution of domestic and international trademark applications;
  • consultancy services on trademarks;
  • assistance in developing brand-selection strategy planning;
  • trademark registrability searches; and
  • international trademark applications under the Madrid Protocol.

Enforcement of trademark rights:

  • litigation of infringement cases;
  • negotiation and drafting of assignment and transfer agreements;
  • assistance with licensing and franchising transactions;
  • warning letters and settlements; and
  • maintenance of registrations and renewal services.


  • filing and prosecution of domestic and international design applications;
  • consultancy services on designs;
  • design application strategy planning; and
  • international design applications under the Hague Agreement.

Other services:

  • consultancy services through www.yoonandlee.com;
  • copyright registrations; and
  • unfair competition and anti-counterfeit measures.
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