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The WTR 1000 focuses exclusively on trademark practice and has firmly established itself as the definitive 'go-to' resource for those seeking world-class legal trademark expertise.

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Uexküll & Stolberg may be a new entrant in the WTR 1000, but it is far from new to the IP world, having provided a robust trademark service for over 60 years. From offices in Hamburg and Munich, its 18-strong IP team concentrates its efforts on prosecution and filing strategy, administrative proceedings and anti-counterfeiting measures. Its loyal client base includes Canadian outdoor clothing brand Roots Corporation, which has received fulsome support from the firm for the best part of four decades. Today its needs are tended to by Alexander Thünken, a familiar face before the German and European trademark offices and the courts. “It is a pleasure to work with Alexander,” reports one client. “You feel that he is on your side and he always gives an honest and considered opinion. He is professional in opposition proceedings, always responds very quickly and is reliable in keeping an eye on deadlines.” Steering the trademarks and designs group is Frank Dettmann: “He is a very experienced IP practitioner who perfectly combines legal and commercial interests. His advice is always valuable when creating, maintaining and defending trademark rights.”

Firm Profile

As a renowned IP boutique, Uexküll & Stolberg is committed to creating, maintaining and defending clients’ IP rights. The firm represents clients before the relevant IP offices and courts in Germany, Europe and internationally. For this reason, it has built up and can rely on a large network of foreign associate attorneys which serves to best defend clients’ interests abroad.

The firm has steadily grown over the years. The firm’s two founders were chemists and patent attorneys. Over the years, patent attorneys with a technical background in physics, mechanical and electrical engineering, as well as biotechnology and chemistry, joined the firm, enabling the firm to offer comprehensive patent consulting services in all technical fields.

Attorneys of the firm have earned a high reputation in representing clients before the EUIPO, the European Patent Office, the German Patent and Trademark Office and the German courts. Advising clients in contentious proceedings, often with international involvement, is a core activity of the firm.

Attorneys at law experienced in trademark, design and unfair competition law have been part of the firm’s team since 1999.

From established companies to aspirational start-ups, from research institutions to universities, from individual inventors to reputable law firms in Germany and all over Europe – Uexküll’s clients work in a variety of fields and therefore deal with diverse issues when it comes to intellectual property. It is with no small amount of pride that the firm can say its clients rely on its legal and technical expertise and its readiness to offer tailor-made and commercially effective solutions while dealing with even the most complex of issues.

The firm’s services include not only the preparation of documentation, assistance in the filing process and registration; the accomplished attorneys at Uexküll & Stollberg will also defend its clients’ intellectual property before all relevant offices and courts, may it be by asserting claims or challenging the validity of a competitor’s IP rights. When hiring the firm to handle its intellectual property, the client can rely on the assistance of highly experienced attorneys who will help the client achieve its specific goals.

Business enterprises

Running efficient IP operations is a demanding task any future-oriented company needs to accomplish to thrive. One decisive factor for market success is the implementation of novel and advanced solutions. In the past, in-house IP functions have proven to be more than valuable for the evolutions of companies in various fields.

Uexküll & Stollberg is proud to be able to offer its clients this expertise. A fruitful and empowering relationship is critical when it comes to drawing out a company’s full potential, which is why the firm’s attorneys integrate with existing in-house teams.

Science and research institutions

Universities, specialised departments and research institutes encounter highly specific IP issues. First of all, they need to promote their current and future research and thereby acquire funding. To be eligible for funding programmes, intellectual property must be undisputed. Secondly, work, revenue and income depend on intellectual property, whether through licences or spin-outs.

Before any income can be generated, however, a close evaluation of the commercial potential of a particular product or service must take place, and IP rights must be secured early on in the process. The firm’s service goes beyond the preparation and filling in of forms; it early on in the process.

Law firms

Every law firm has their specific demands, which is why Uexküll & Stollberg offers tailor-made solutions to clients and map out reliable strategies that convince by their practicality, viability and efficiency. Being assigned directly or via an agency, it is always the firm’s target to provide clients with quick responses and business-oriented solutions, including litigation support in contentious proceedings.

The firm’s attorneys possess relevant backgrounds in a variety of technical fields and their experience of proceedings and general court practice allows them to handle even the most complicated legal issues with mastery.

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