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The WTR 1000 focuses exclusively on trademark practice and has firmly established itself as the definitive 'go-to' resource for those seeking world-class legal trademark expertise.

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“Tsuru Morales Isla is the firm to turn to when trademark matters in Mexico get complex.” Its deep bench of attorneys, engineers and technicians favours the challenging over the routine, which it “always approaches in a pro-business, cost-effective manner”. Founding partner Kiyoshi Tsuru is “wholly committed” to maintaining standards and, as an accomplished litigator himself, has done much to drive the firm’s enforcement division, attracting numerous high-profile anti-counterfeiting instructions. The firm has further strengthened its offering through the recent hire of Irely Aquique. Having spent the last 25 years working at IMPI, “she brings unrivalled knowledge of the processes of the registry in both protection and enforcement scenarios”. Her “responsive counsel” is appreciated by many; as is her “willingness to assess budgets before taking prudent action”. Rodolfo Rangel and Patricio González Granados are further weapons in the team’s arsenal. Rangel provides inspiring leadership in his position as managing partner and is most at home in the courtroom. González is a key contributor to the portfolio protection practice, whose specialised high-tech knowledge also comes to the fore on technology transfer and licensing mandates for players in cutting-edge industries.

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TMI Abogados specialises in trademarks, copyrights, patents, trade secrets, copyrights, unfair competition, entertainment, domain names, arbitration and life sciences. It is the ‘go to’ firm when it appears that everything is lost in IP litigation. Our team is widely known for coming up with strategies that restore clients’ rights when unfavourable resolutions have been previously issued. Many of our cases have been trusted to us on appeal instances, and we have come up with strategies that have reverted rulings in favour of our clients.

Rather than offering traditional legal strategies that follow charted paths, our firm provides its clients with innovative and out-of-the-box methods and tools that lead to effective solutions. Our biggest differentiator in the market is still handcrafted precision and a deep understanding of our clients’ technical, technological, business and market issues.

We have a unique approach when it comes to IP litigation, with an in-house business intelligence team that supports our counterfeiting litigation and counterfeiting deterrent measures, including experts outside the legal field. In addition, we perform market studies and focus groups (six out of 10 of our trials involve focus groups and/or market studies) to offer real facts about the market and to support our clients’ arguments as definitive evidence.

At TMI Abogados, we have the largest number of registered and ongoing processes of famous and well-known trademarks compared to any other law firm in Mexico. Our trademark filings have grown by 65% in the past couple of years, proving the accelerated growth that the firm has been experiencing in recent years.

Our firm is also highly experienced in counterfeiting litigation and deterrent measures. On a regular basis, we offer training to customs officials in which we instruct them how to spot counterfeit versions of our clients’ products. We organise and engage in this training directly with customs officials in the main points of entry in Mexico. In the past 18 months, we have seized and destroyed more than 1 million counterfeit products.

The firm is also known for its expertise on information and communications technology, particularly the Internet. In recent years the firm has engaged in extensive counselling and litigation regarding standards and patents in the electronics and telecoms fields. Our team has extensive experience counselling clients with regard to digital rights management and technological protection measures, e-commerce, e-signature, e-evidence, IP rights infringement in the digital realm, privacy and data protection, fintech, online piracy and cybercrime. One of the practices that also distinguishes TMI is domain name protection and dispute resolution.

Our areas of recent growth include tech litigation, administrative and constitutional IP litigation, e-commerce transactions, fintech, nanotech, electronics, video-games protection, entertainment, domain name litigation, digital copyright crime prosecution and public policy.

The skills and multidisciplinary background of our lawyers has resulted in significant recognition as a firm that balances a high degree of specialisation, with hands-on experience, in a considerable volume of targeted cases. Overall, what characterises our law firm is the legal and industry knowledge, expertise and capabilities of handling unprecedented technology cases.

This year, TMI Abogados is celebrating its 20-year anniversary.

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