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Tiantai Law Firm was created through the merger of Juntai Law Firm and Tianchi Hongfan Law Firm in 2015. The outfit now has a total of 23 offices, including recent outposts in Kunming, Jinan, Shenyang and Yinchuan. Clients appreciate that the trademark team is “very punctual, provides timely reports at every important juncture and sufficient resources for cross-border cases”. Xiang Ma advises domestic companies such as Jiangsu Satellite TV out of the Beijing headquarters.

Firm Profile

Tiantai’s team of 600 practising lawyers is made up of highly skilled individuals who have graduated from the law schools of prestigious universities in China and abroad, including Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States. Many hold LLMs or JDs, some have the title of professor or associate professor. In addition, the leading Chinese legal scholars and senior experts in the Chinese judiciary serve as the firm’s senior advisers to assist the team with complex legal issues.

Most of the firm’s lawyers have worked in the Chinese legislature, judiciary and government departments, giving them the experience and ability to deal with difficult legal issues. In addition – and maybe more importantly – most of them can provide comprehensive professional services to customers both in China and abroad in several languages, including Chinese, English and Japanese.

Tiantai’s lawyers are ranked among the best of the industry for their outstanding forward-looking and professional standards in both the traditional legal service field and the emerging professional sectors, especially in the areas of intellectual property, finance and capital markets, building and real estate, and taxation.

High standards

Tiantai has always been committed to providing professional, comprehensive and practical legal services to customers both in China and abroad. Tiantai has 16 business departments that cover the capital markets, banking and finance, company acquisitions and mergers, real estate project development and operation, IP rights, dispute resolution, criminal defence, credit management, tax and wealth planning, civil aviation, medical health, government legal system and environmental resources, international trade and investment, private equity and investment funds, bankruptcy reorganisation and infrastructure, information technology, telecommunications, and media and entertainment.

Respectful of the facts, faithful to the law and defending the interests of customers make up the firm’s unswerving practice philosophy. Its customers include many well-known enterprises, large companies, banks and non-bank financial institutions active in China and abroad. These customers are active in finance, real estate, public utilities, entertainment, sports, aviation, oil, trade and high technology – among other fields.

The firm has advanced office hardware facilities, network communication systems, information and data systems and complete file management systems. This has helped establish a set of complete internal fine control procedures to achieve good organisation, detailed division of labour and inspection at various levels so as to integrate internal resources and ensure effective and smooth operation and cooperation among professional departments.

The rapid development of the knowledge economy has shifted the attention and research onto science and technology and other human intellectual achievements. IP rights have become valuable assets; the professionals at Tiantai are fully aware of the legal opportunities and challenges that this creates and, as a result, intellectual property is now one of Tiantai’s key departments.

The IP team has an in-depth understanding of IP portfolio management and defence; it has handled a large number of influential IP cases and offers unique research and rich practical experience in the fields of copyright, trademark rights, patent rights, trade secrets and anti-unfair competition. The firm provides comprehensive services covering all aspects of contentious and non-contentious IP work.

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