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Established 150 years ago, Luzzatto Group has built its reputation through proven dedication to clients and a winning combination of IP and wider commercial expertise. The firm consists of two entities, Luzzatto & Luzzatto Patent Attorneys and the Luzzatto Law Firm, which work collaboratively to render a comprehensive offering; generating economic value from trademarks and other intangible assets is a particular forte. “Luzzatto Group demonstrates the highest levels of professionalism, commitment, availability and responsiveness. It provides comprehensive, detailed, creative, pragmatic and innovative legal and business advice, which directly addresses and solves the questions at hand.” Worth noting is the firm’s close work with Israeli Customs, educating officers on trademark infringements and helping private investigators to ramp up enforcement and brand protection efforts. President Kfir Luzzatto is the architect of successful trademark litigation and protection strategies and a proficient litigator. He heads up a group of star players that includes the likes of Oren Mandler, an all-rounder who manages vast portfolios and litigates with equal poise.

Firm Profile

The Luzzatto Group is one of the leading IP groups in Israel, celebrating more than 150 years of practice. The group’s unwavering dedication to clients has carried it into its second century and fifth generation.

Family tradition alongside innovative work

The group combines a family tradition of legal practice with an innovative work environment to serve a wide range of clients. It provides top-of-the-line services in patent, trademark and design protection in diverse industries industries that range from pharmaceuticals, medical devices and life sciences to software, cyber, fashion and sports – among many others.

The Luzzatto Group is made up of Luzzatto & Luzzatto Patent Attorneys (L&L) and Luzzatto Law Firm (LLF), which specialises in IP and commercial law, along with other companies that provide essential solutions to the community that the group serves. Entrepreneurs, inventors, start-up companies, scientists, artists and developers seek out the Luzzatto Group’s services to enjoy a personalised approach with a global outlook that helps them protect their intellectual property and commercialise their research, inventions and products. The group’s philosophy is of uncompromising professional excellence, personal service and a long tradition that meets constant innovation.

L&L – prosecution and strategic brand protection

L&L is one of the leading IP firms in Israel, serving a wide range of clients in diverse industries. Its teams specialise in all fields of technology, including high-tech, heavy industry, life sciences and medicine (biotechnology, pharmaceutical chemistry, molecular biology, medical equipment and products), electronics and software, telecommunications, information technology, environment, agro-tech, food-tech, energy and cyber.

The dynamic trademark department at L&L provides counsel on obtaining and maintaining trademark rights in Israel and abroad, including prosecution, strategic brand protection and handling complex trademark portfolios for local and international clients. An increasingly competitive global market, coupled with the influx of new products into Israel, means that the firm is often involved in legal proceedings that impact on the commercial future of well-known brands.

The professional and interdisciplinary teams consist of patent attorneys, lawyers and support staff, all holding advanced degrees in their fields of specialisation and many of whom hold a PhD.

LLF – enforcement, litigation, licensing and more

LLF is naturally involved in all aspects of intellectual property. The firm also assists its clients in other fields of commercial law and provides comprehensive services, including building IP strategies and creating economic value for IP assets. The firm fully cooperates with L&L, including in trademark enforcement, litigation, licensing and other trademark-related commercial needs and cases. LLF and L&L are at the forefront of today’s legal, business and technology sectors both in Israel and internationally.

LLF’s IP department is well known as a destination firm for entrepreneurs, app developers, inventors, artists, high-tech professionals, for-profit businesses, government and public institutions, and international corporations and entities abroad, as well as early-stage start-up companies. Pharmaceuticals, fashion, luxury items, automobile industries and food represent a substantial portion of the firm’s trademark activity.

Working closely with Israeli customs

The Luzzatto Group works closely with the Israeli customs to enhance the enforcement of clients’ rights. The group’s team also takes time to educate the Israeli customs officers to increase awareness for IP infringements to maximise this critical office’s benefit. The group’s legal team also works closely with leading private investigators to increase enforcement and brand protection.

Working efficiently, quickly and transparently with clients

One of the Luzzatto Group’s companies, Elandel Softelecom, is a software house that develops technological solutions specifically for the group’s needs, enabling its teams to work efficiently, quickly and transparently with clients and associates at all times and from every location. Specifically for trademarks, Elandel Softelecom developed an in-house trademark management software, an online brand enforcement solution and a new status report system.

Transparency is essential to the group, which prides itself on being the first Israeli firm to allow its clients to check their files’ status in real-time, any time. The group’s software house developed a new status report system that enables its clients to see an up-to-date status report at a click of a button.

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