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The WTR 1000 focuses exclusively on trademark practice and has firmly established itself as the definitive 'go-to' resource for those seeking world-class legal trademark expertise.

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Spruson & Ferguson’s Beijing contingent is uniquely positioned to offer bespoke patent prosecution service – the establishment is one of a handful of foreign entities that is dedicated to providing high-quality patent drafting services. Working closely with teams across the Asia-Pacific region, it meets the needs of every discerning patent owner. Oliver Lutze manages the Beijing office and is entrusted by many prestigious European patrons with their portfolios in China.

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A crucial part of the regional operation of Asia-Pacific IP powerhouse Spruson & Ferguson, the Hong Kong office partners closely with its China group to offer one of the best Greater China trademark protection schemes on the market. Direct filing, oppositions, invalidations, customs and administrative enforcement actions are all within the team’s remit, which is complemented by local knowledge and profound insight of international entities’ needs. Its ready access to specialist translators and experts is just another string to the bow. Greater China director Coral Toh oversees the group with her razor-sharp understanding of the region’s IP law. Described by one patron as “an excellent and remarkable practitioner”, she has vast experience in trademark prosecution and anti-counterfeiting strategies. Working alongside her comes May Chan, who has a wealth of experience in trademark prosecution, opposition and invalidation proceedings in the Greater China region.

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With hundreds of experts and staff members in 10 primary offices across Asia-Pacific, storied IP outfit Spruson & Ferguson is uniquely positioned to coordinate massive IP projects within the region. Under the auspices of its Australian headquarter, the Singapore contingent is committed to meet and exceed every demand of its discerning clientele. Amy Chan heads the country’s trademark practice with verve. She is an ideal choice for international brand owners, using all the right tools expeditiously and efficiently and protects her clients to the hilt.

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With several offices across the Asia-Pacific, Spruson & Ferguson is one of the leading providers of IP services in the region. The Indonesia office’s tailored, comprehensive prosecution solutions, coupled with the team’s extensive experience attracted many global brand owners. Trademark executive Diana Sofyan Balowo leverages a decade of experience to successfully prosecute trademarks for local and international players.

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Not only is Spruson & Ferguson widely considered as one of the most highly regarded IP service providers in Australia, but its scattered footprint can also be found in all major capital cities across the Asia-Pacific. It has established itself as a true one-stop shop for entities looking for regional capability and an extensive service. With more than 1,700 national trademark applications handled by the Australian offices alone last year, the sheer volume of work explains why its trademark prosecution offering once again is listed in the gold ranking. Furthermore, its first-rate quality of work garners acclaim from its patrons: “Their thoughtful guidance on the front end is second to none and often proves invaluable to the ultimate success of a matter.” Kimberly-Clark, Netflix, Siemens and Volkswagen are among those who have full confidence in Sprusons’ trademark squad. But the group does not restrict itself to the big names – it actively engages with start-ups and entrepreneurs to dispense commercial and strategic IP advice. A longstanding supporter of the tech scene in Australia and principal author of the IP manual for Australian government agencies, Sylvie Tso is the staple of the licensing and transaction practice and delivers essential commercial IP advice to inventors, start-ups and research institutes. Next to her on the IP commercialisation front is Michael Deacon, who joined from Shelston IP in 2021 and has a flair for the fine print of IP-rich commercial agreements. Khajaque Kortian captains the legal front and has represented a wide range of patrons in proceedings before the High Court and Federal Court of Australia, including appeals from trademark oppositions, trademark, design and patent infringement and revocation actions. The anchors of the prosecution and portfolio management side are principal Roseanne MannionDaniel Wilson and Francesca Colubriale. Mannion draws judiciously on her European trademark experience to provide incisive and concise brand protection advice. Wilson’s wide remit spans from Trans-Tasman and Pacific Island trademark registration to opposition and enforcement. A trademark and brand protection maven, Colubriale comes armed with knowledge of virtually all aspects of IP protection and portfolio management. 

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