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“Società Italiana Brevetti has an impressive global reach and operates seamlessly in the Italian and international markets; it is home to a team of thorough and passionate practitioners, who are eager to see their strategies through.” Representing the firm in this year’s rankings are Fabrizio De Benedetti, Angelica Torrigiani Malaspina, Elisabetta D’Amore, Mara Mondolfo and Massimo Gori. Head of trademarks De Benedetti has four decades in the game and has made significant contributions to the Italian legal landscape as well as to European IP law, giving him a unique and in-depth insight which he capitalises on to dispense sage advice to multinational companies on particularly complex matters. Torrigiani Malaspina is hailed as “one of the very best trademark practitioners, who takes a pragmatic, sophisticated and effective approach to achieve successes for her clients. Her advice and recommendations exude a deep knowledge of the law.” Colleague D’Amore also comes warmly recommended for being “a crucial part of brand protection. She has an impressive ability to solve problems and tailor strategies to suit the client’s needs in complex cases; she assists clients with care, precision, flexibility and dedication. Always available to answer questions with clear and trustworthy explanations, she is also incredibly kind and cheerful.” Portfolio management ace Mondolfo aids patrons in the domestic and international markets. She is well versed in proceedings before the IPTO and EUIPO and has seen numerous successes when resolving disputes for multinational companies. Gori is another safe pair of hands for rights holders seeking advice on any aspect of their trademark portfolio from pre-filing to prosecution, and he leverages over two decades of experience to provide ample legal assistance to his following.

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