Società Italiana Brevetti SpA

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Known for its business mindset and rock-solid understanding of the fundamentals, Società Italiana Brevetti makes it its mission to work side by side with in-house counsel and takes on a company’s goals as if it were its own. The group devises far-sighted, large-scale filing plans while factoring in business needs as well as costs; manages portfolios astutely; and has built up a sterling reputation for its ability to protect geographical indications and denominations of origin. Between them, Angelica Torrigiani Malaspina, Mara Mondolfo, Elisabetta D’Amore, Massimo Gori and Fabrizio De Benedetti have everything covered come what may. A discerning choice for international portfolio management, Torrigiani Malaspina practises all over the world and thus has a refined understanding of IP regimes in far-flung jurisdictions. Of Mondolfo, one client enthuses: “Her wide range of legal insight is super-impressive and her high degree of professionalism immensely helpful. She provides detailed solutions and instils clients with confidence in her strategies.” A regular before the EUIPO, D’Amore knows all the finer details of administrative procedures and performs superbly as a result. Gori likewise maintains a versatile practice but shines brightest when dispensing sage pre-filing advice and conducting clearance searches. De Benedetti is a font of wisdom at the firm: he has seen everything there is to see during four decades in the game and draws on this to present definitive answers to all manner of problems.

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