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Gold - Firms: enforcement and litigation

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Gold ranked for enforcement and litigation, Robin Bridge & John Liu “doesn’t only answer the questions you ask, but also the ones you should have”. The firm offers a range of legal services but “what is special about it is its robust IP practice” with fashion, entertainment and toys as areas of expertise. The group is currently tending to over a dozen of Richemont International SA’s brands in Hong Kong, as well as the IP rights of numerous other multinationals in the luxury goods sector. Managing partner and the man behind the extraordinarily successful IP department Anthony Tong has extensive litigation practice in Hong Kong and China, as well as internationally in Australia, Europe and the United States. Tong’s “practical and skilled approach to IP protection, not just in Asia but around the world”, thoroughly impresses rights holders who consider him a “truly international lawyer who genuinely cares about his work”. “He successfully navigates a complicated legal landscape and achieves the best possible outcomes for his clients, always keeping business objectives in mind.” “Anthony’s legal acumen, business savviness and responsiveness” are commendable. Anthea Loo is a skilled prosecutor who has been involved in appeal proceedings before the Supreme People’s Court of China. “The quality of Anthea’s work is very high.” “She is extremely conscientious and service-oriented. Her advice is always well thought out and takes into consideration the needs of each particular business.”

Firm Profile

Robin Bridge & John Liu is a full-service Hong Kong law firm founded in 1983, offering services in a variety of legal disciplines and with a strong reputation in intellectual property and litigation. As a law firm with more than three decades of history, we take pride in being able to provide professional services of the highest standard and yet remain competitive and flexible on our charges. We always strive to provide both quality representation to our clients by canvassing issues from clients’ perspectives and advice tailored to each client’s specific needs.

Our practice covers all aspects of IP law, including IP commercialisation and exploitation, trademarks, copyright, patents, passing off (unfair competition), trade secrets and domain names. Our services include trademark, design and patent prosecution, clearance, filing strategy, portfolio management, enforcement and litigation, anti-counterfeiting (including investigations and raids), transaction and licensing. With our international outlook and years of experience in handling international registrations in mainland China, we are uniquely positioned to advise our clients on the implementation of the Madrid Protocol in Hong Kong, which is expected to take effect in 2022.

Since the establishment of our wholly owned IP agency in Beijing in 2012, we have handled all trademark-related matters in China entirely in-house. To support our mainland China services, we have Chinese-qualified lawyers stationed both in Hong Kong and in Beijing. Together with close cooperation with law firms in Macau and Taiwan, we provide one-stop services for businesses entering and thriving in the Greater China region.

Our quality practice is well recognised by our clientele, which includes well-known international brands, local Hong Kong companies (both listed companies and small and medium enterprises) and foreign law firms. Our clients operate in various sectors such as luxury goods, jewellery, toys, cosmetics, real estate, telecommunications, and food and drinks. We currently have over 30,000 trademarks under our management. Our clients’ satisfaction is in turn reflected in our position in numerous legal rankings in the IP field.

Our success stories in 2020 include the followings:

  • Successfully obtaining an injunction, judgment and substantial costs order in the Hong Kong courts for high jewellery clients against a jewellery manufacturer offering for sale more than 100 high-quality counterfeits, and pursuing the defendants for contempt;
  • Successfully representing AATC Trading AG, owner of the renowned Swiss luxury brand ALAIA, to oppose an application to register AGLAIA and device in Hong Kong;
  • Successfully representing NBA Properties Inc to defeat Monster Energy Company’s opposition to our client’s application to register TORONTO RAPTORS and device;
  • Successfully representing Le Sportsac Inc to oppose an application to register LESPORT in Hong Kong;
  • Undertaking a large trademark portfolio review for a major real estate company, providing IP advice and filing not less than 200 new trademark applications in China and Hong Kong;
  • Successfully tackling a great number of shadow companies (companies with well-known brand names or trademarks as part of their corporate names) in Hong Kong for various clients; and
  • Successfully representing a Hong Kong infant product designer and manufacturer to resist a significant patent claim at the US International Trade Commission.

We also routinely advise our clients on non-IP matters such as employment, corporate (including shareholders’ disputes), commercial (including drafting and reviewing commercial agreements), real estate and data privacy, among other things. We also provide notarial and attesting service for documents to be used overseas and in China. We are experienced in supporting foreign businesses’ operation in the Greater China region, regardless of the business’s size and stage of business.

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