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The WTR 1000 focuses exclusively on trademark practice and has firmly established itself as the definitive 'go-to' resource for those seeking world-class legal trademark expertise.

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Irreplaceable and unrivalled leader in the IP industry

‘Irreplaceable legal experts in AI’ is a proper description of PI IP LAW. Since its foundation in 2013, PI IP LAW has shown paramount growth like no other and is on a mission to become the unrivalled leader in the areas of AI, electronic engineering, software and telecoms. Starting with representing an AI-based computer vision start-up that broke the M&A record in the Korean start-up industry, the firm has achieved exponential growth and has established its presence on the Korean IP scene. Thanks to its significant expertise, AI and software cases take up more than 70% of its patent cases, and the accumulated enterprise value of its clients amounts to $5 billion. Based on such wide-ranging expertise, PI IP LAW has become an IP law firm that has not only proved itself in prosecution and litigation, but also excels in providing consultation on establishing a solid IP system or portfolio to innovative start-ups and SMEs that are in need of solidifying their IP assets. 

Top-quality service

The innovative DNA of PI IP LAW is also reflected in its trademark practice. Since 2013, PI IP LAW’s trademark team has been focusing on broadening its international presence and aims to communicate effectively by building close ties with clients. Rather than simply executing clients’ instructions, members at PI IP LAW strive to guide clients with practical solutions that can accomplish their needs. The trademark team is known for its world-class work ethic and expertise, every member of the team speaks fluent English and possesses strong written and verbal communication skills, providing international clients a seamless service. With its responsiveness on trademark systems that evolve along with fast-changing business environments, PI IP has successfully established landmark trademark cases and become a reliable IP expert. 

Pioneering and powerful – pushing the boundaries

As a true pioneer of trademarks, PI IP LAW has introduced innovative solutions to the industry. Under managing partner Daeho Lee’s leadership, PI IP LAW has been involved in ground-breaking trademark projects, such as registering a celebrity’s catchphrases as a sound mark, where PI IP LAW contributed to registering the first sound mark in South Korea in 2017. PI IP LAW also handled a project of registering the interior design of a shop as a 3D mark. Further, the firm was the first to submit evidential data processed by AI to register the exterior and interior designs of a building for trademark applications. As such, PI IP LAW continually attempts unprecedented and unconventional approaches and projects of using and applying modern technology to South Korea’s legal system.

Deep integration – IT in the legal domain

PI IP LAW’s ambition to adopt new technologies to traditional legal services led to the launch of markiny in 2020, an online trademark filing and registration service where customers can enjoy a premium tailored trademark service at home. Markiny offers a detailed and customised service to a wider customer base, including those with little to no knowledge of the industry. Moreover, by collaborating with specialists and market leaders in AI, PI IP LAW is conducting projects of creating an algorithm for recommending the most appropriate class of goods and setting up a database for assessing the tendencies of trademark examiners.

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