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SMEs and global players alike entrust their most valuable assets to Notarbartolo & Gervasi. The outfit is deeply embedded in the legal market and insightful on IP law at a local, European and international level; and it understands the interplay between business, strategy and brands. Head of trademarks Raffaele Ranieri is an entrepreneur at heart and understands what makes companies tick. Full of passion and drive, he partners up with the businesses he assists to dream up creative solutions to any prosecution hurdles that may arise.

Firm Profile

Established in 1963, Notarbartolo & Gervasi (N&G) is a leading European IP firm. With its numerous offices in Italy and Germany, the firm provides all forms of IP creation, support and counselling, across a variety of technology fields, for a growing global array of clients. Constantly and highly ranked in several of the most renowned professional publications, N&G has been recognised as providing its clients with tailor-made solutions, aimed at protecting and enforcing their IP rights all over the world.

Supported by 50 practitioners and 50 paralegals, N&G keeps a keen eye on the future and innovation. By means of massive and consistent investments, N&G makes use of the most advanced and innovative software and technologies to maximise its range of services and quality of support for clients’ needs. With more than 55 years of solid tradition, Notarbartolo & Gervasi has managed patents and trademarks for companies ranging from blue-chip companies to small start-ups. Drawing upon its extensive and long-term international experience, N&G strives to provide each of its clients the highest quality of service for any kind of IP issue and in any geographical area in the world. Thanks to its international attitude and mindset, N&G is respected among its clients who privilege it for its ability to provide effective, quick and practical solutions.

Through N&G Consulting, an associate company, N&G is further well-known for creating and implementing IP strategies to support the development of clients’ IP rights. N&G uses a unique approach in the IP field which enables clients to obtain revenues from their IP rights. Many famous companies in Asia and the United States choose N&G as their European partner because of the firm’s reputation.

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