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“Kurz Pfitzer Wolf & Partner is a trusted partner in all IP matters, especially trademarks.” The specialised IP and IT boutique has a niche practice in certification marks that spans multiple continents, litigating 55 cases in this area across Europe and North America in 2021 alone. The internationally focused team includes Clemens Pfitzer, Christopher Wolf and Markus Wekwerth. Pfitzer is a strategic cross-border litigator and an adept portfolio manager. “Clemens is a great communicator and a quick thinker who is able to immediately get to the core of any case.” Wolf is a top negotiator and litigator with experience handling cases across the globe. “Christopher is a really sociable lawyer and a fantastic communicator.” “Markus is an extremely experienced and pragmatic trademark and copyright expert. He also has comprehensive knowledge of IT law, which is very helpful. Markus provides excellent support in complex proceedings and he has a unique selling proposition among medium-sized law firms in the German-speaking world.”

Firm Profile

Kurz Pfitzer Wolf & Partner is a boutique law firm in Stuttgart with a mission to provide excellent services to clients around the globe in IP and IT law. That focus, an excellent team and the use of modern digital technology have all contributed to making the firm and its clients a success story.

Since 2010, Kurz Pfitzer Wolf & Partner has gained a remarkable national and international reputation for the quality of its services.



Kurz Pfitzer Wolf & Partner is proud of its team of highly experienced professionals. The team has gained the trust of many clients and is especially well known for its IP litigation and enforcement skills. The team has received several national and international awards and recogntions for its excellent work.



With the experience of hundreds of litigation cases and a successful track record, the team is an ideal partner for clients seeking experienced litigators to enforce their rights. Many of the firm’s clients are enthused by just how quickly and cost-effectively the firm can produce excellent results.

The German judicial system offers some advantages in comparison to many other jurisdictions. The system is very efficient and quick, as injunctions can be obtained with days from German courts. It is also very cost effective, as the infringing party has to reimburse all costs incurred in the process, including the costs for cease-and-desist letters. Kurz Pfitzer Wolf & Partner has used these advantages to the benefit of clients in numerous cross-border litigation cases regarding EU trademarks.

For key clients, the firm also manages worldwide litigation and develops the litigation strategy across jurisdictions accordingly. This involvement in coordinating international litigation gives the firm excellent knowledge of the litigation process in many jurisdictions, so that it can provide valuable strategic advice to clients when facing infringements in and across various jurisdictions.

The firm is a pioneer in certification mark litigation, having probably litigated the most cases for EU certification marks in the EU, since certification marks were first introduced in the EU in 2017. The firm successfully obtained the first landmark decisions in that field.



Kurz Pfitzer Wolf & Partner frequently develops new strategies and approaches to successfully fight counterfeiting in a fast-changing market, especially online. The firm works closely with customs across Europe to protect its clients’ rights. The firm also cooperates with other firms and service providers to effectively fight counterfeiting.


Trademark prosecution

Managing trademarks in more than 110 jurisdictions on all continents, Kurz Pfitzer Wolf & Partner offers trademark portfolio management and all related services, such as planning of international trademark portfolios, worldwide filing services, trademark clearing searches, trademark watches, representation in opposition and cancellation proceedings and domain disputes.


Licensing and due diligence

The firm’s professionals are highly experienced in all contractual matters relating to IP and IT law, including licensing agreements, non-disclosure agreements, know-how protection, franchise agreements and coexistence agreements. Kurz Pfitzer Wolf & Partner is frequently involved in drafting and negotiating national and international contracts. It also offers due diligence for in rights and IT law.


Clients and industries

Kurz Pfitzer Wolf & Partner is proud to work with excellent clients of all sizes, from small and medium-sized enterprises to multinational corporations. Its clients come from across the world (mainly the European Union, Switzerland, the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, South Korea and Japan) and from various industries, including:

  • the IT sector;
  • fashion;
  • cosmetics;
  • food and beverages;
  • mechanical engineering;
  • pharmaceuticals;
  • automotive;
  • entertainment;
  • sports;
  • e-commerce; and
  • other consumer goods.


Global network

Kurz Pfitzer Wolf & partner has grown a well-established international network of IP law firms and service providers to offer services to its clients on a global level. The firm is also a member of national and international trademark organisations such as the International Trademark Association and other IP associations.


Practice areas

Besides trademarks, Kurz Pfitzer Wolf & Partner provides professional legal services related to:

  • copyright;
  • designs; 
  • unfair competition;
  • patents (litigation and licensing);
  • software;
  • privacy;
  • e-commerce; and
  • online services.
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