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The WTR 1000 focuses exclusively on trademark practice and has firmly established itself as the definitive 'go-to' resource for those seeking world-class legal trademark expertise.

Gold - Firms: trademark attorneys

Keltie marries drive and commerciality with a down-to-earth style and an innovative approach – a combination which has cemented its position among the best IP firms in Europe. The team is relatively compact, but globally well connected and world class in terms of skill, ensuring that it can cover extensive ground for brand owners as they protect their marks and develop their portfolios. Alistair Gay, Rosemary Cardas, Manuela Macchi, Ben Britter and Azhar Sadique form the backbone of the practice and each brings something special to the table. Gay has great foresight and manages valuable brand assets in a way that minimises business risk and potential disputes. With granular knowledge of trademark, copyright and design law, Cardas has a well-developed toolkit for tackling multi-faceted IP issues. Macchi’s industry insight in pharmaceuticals, fashion and sport is a boon to patrons, whose problems she solves with the commercial endgame in mind. Britter thinks like an in-house counsel and is an ace on global searching and opposition and cancellation proceedings. Sadique maintains a broad-based international practice, in the course of which he advises on brand strategy and infringement and anti-counterfeiting issues.

Silver - Agencies

A well-known name in the UK, Keltie has in recent years been making its mark on the Irish IP market through its dynamic Galway base. The group is recognised for the emphasis it places on client service, the relationships it builds with in-house teams, and its all-encompassing commercial outlook. Its local client base is a diverse one, but it is particularly looked to by the region’s start-up community, with burgeoning businesses across the technological spectrum enlisting the firm for portfolio management and contentious briefs. Heading up the operation is Sean Cummings, an IP all-rounder who is as renowned for his management skills as he is for his astute advice and expert advocacy in administrative proceedings. A talented writer, he contributed a chapter on evidence of use to the Trade Mark Handbook, published by CIPA and CITMA.

Firm Profile

Keltie LLP is an established firm consisting of patent and trademark attorneys, specialising in IP law and IP management. Headquartered in London, with offices in Cirencester, Cambridge and Galway (Ireland), we are a firm with a unique personality and a reputation for excellence earned by putting talented, energetic and principled people at its heart. With our office in Ireland, Keltie will continue to represent clients directly before the EU Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) after the end of the Brexit Transition Period.

In addition to guaranteeing post-Brexit continuity, our Irish office services a growing base of Irish clients, given our capabilities to handle Irish IP matters. Founded in 2016, Keltie’s Irish office has become an established presence on the Irish IP scene.

Our clients benefit from an extraordinarily experienced and multifaceted group of IP experts. Our team includes patent, trademark and design attorneys working on every technology and in all commercial fields. We are consistently ranked among the leading UK firms for both patents and trademarks, with many of our attorneys receiving individual rankings and accolades.


Our trademark team is led by partners Rosemary Cardas, Alistair Gay, Manuela Macchi, Ben Britter and Azhar Sadique. Among the leading brand protection experts in Europe, the group comprises multilingual European and UK trademark attorneys. Our expertise extends through the full trademark lifecycle: searching and filing, portfolio management, opposition, enforcement, appeal proceedings.

Our trademark attorneys represent a wide range of clients from start-ups to multinationals, including well-known brands from the fashion, entertainment, sports, food and beverages, energy, financial, insurance and tourism sectors.

The team has been ranked in Tier 1 of WTR 1000 rankings for the second year in a row. Notably, Mr Gay is listed as a WTR Global Leader (private practice) for the second year running.

Mr Sadique undertakes regular speaking engagements on the conference circuit and sits on the INTA Trademark Administrators Committee, as well as co-chairing the INTA Special Programmes Committee. Ms Macchi continues to develop the firm’s Sports Trademark Practice, regularly presenting on the topic at conferences, including INTA Europe in 2020.

Online brand protection

Keltie’s online brand protection practice is thriving. Our trademark attorneys coordinate the registration and renewal of domain names, often in conjunction with trademark protection. We cover the whole range of online brand enforcement and have an excellent track record in domain name recovery proceedings before WIPO, Nominet, the Alternative Dispute Resolution Forum and other alternative dispute resolution providers.

The team has extensive experience in social media takedown applications, online marketplace and auction takedown applications, merchant account suspension and cancellation, registrar and internet service provider complaints and working with law enforcement and trading standards.


Keltie’s design practice is our ‘feather in the cap’. Skilfully headed by partners Emily Weal, Michael Moore and Mark Richardson, the team has pioneered design clearance searching protocols that have set the industry standards. Keltie is no doubt among the ‘go-to’ firms in Europe for design law advice, design clearance and design filings, and regularly assists on design matters luxury brands, consumer electronics, as well as engineering clients. The design practice is growing with energetic support from director Jonathan Goodacre.


Our patent group comprises attorneys with world-class professional expertise built on experience as engineers and scientists in industry and research. The group covers every technical field, including automotive, aerospace, bioscience and medical technologies, chemistry and material science, environmental technologies, software, information technology, telecommunications, physics and electromechanical engineering.

European and UK-qualified, our patent attorneys spend much of their time handling our flourishing practice before the European Patent Office. They appear frequently in opposition and appeal proceedings and enjoy a remarkable rate of success in contentious matters.

Representing clients before the EUIPO after Brexit

Thanks to our office in Ireland, Keltie continues to represent clients in relation to EU trademark and Community design matters before the EUIPO. Keltie can rely on attorneys who have European backgrounds and speak various European and global languages.

Patents have generally been unaffected by Brexit.

We look forward to continuing to represent our clients in all European IP matters over the coming years.

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